Friday, 29 November 2013

Book: Carson's Night by Tracy Cooper-Posey

I received a copy of Carson's Night from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Tally is woken in the night to be told that her father has been killed, shocking her as her father was one of the best Demon Hunters about. Brought to the scene by the vampire that raised her, Nicolas, she meets Carson, her father's Demon Hunter partner, and is instantly attracted to him. Fighting their attraction for one another isn't easy, and when they give in to it fireworks result. But with demons and gargoyles knocking on their door, there isn't much of a chance for the couple to relax in each others arms.

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There are scenes of a sexually explicit nature within Carson's Night, though in my opinion that is not the sole thing that this novella has to offer! There is plenty of romance, adventure and action in the book to keep the page turning.

I found that the central female character, Tally, was the kind of heroine that I like to read about, one that is strong willed, and not helpless. And yet she still had issues and has to overcome those to reach the ending, particularly the hurdles involving trusting someone else and the death of her father. All in all that made up a rather rounded character.

At first it did seem to me that Carson and Tally fell in love awful quick, but once it was taken into account that there were more paranormal issues going on, such as is mentioned by the changes in pheromones, then I guess that that could make sense.

Tally and Carson are both Hunters, which is part of the paranormal element of the book, they hunt demons and other nasty creatures (with the help of their vampire allies), and this does mean that there is quite a bit of action in Carson's Night which balanced out the sex and the romance nicely.

All in all this was a very enjoyable read, I liked the characters and the balance that it gave!

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