Saturday, 23 November 2013

Blurb Reveal: Voyage Windbound by Zachary Bonelli

This week saw the release of the final episode of Voyage Embarkation by Zachary Bonelli, but if (like me!) you haven't had enough of Kal and Tria, then fear not! Here is the blurb for the second serial surrounding the Anders brothers, Voyage Windbound!

Kal is having quite a year. After escaping exile on an alternate Earth, he began a grand adventure into the metaxia, hopping from one universe to another. What started off as an innocent adventure of discovery has turned deadly serious.
Ludo, a boy from his grade school swim team, now eighteen years old too, has embarked on an adventure of his own—one with much more dire implications for the alternate Earths he visits.
Kal's search for a way to make himself immune to nanogenic radiation has led him to acquiring a holographic brother, Tria, who needs a physical body of his own. That, combined with Ludo's ominous presence, is already more than he can handle. And as tumultuous as his life is already, it's only going to get worse.
He's about to fall in love.