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Blog Tour: Knight of Wands by S M Blooding

I receives a copy of Knight of Wands in exchange for my review as a part of this blog tour. This is book  of the Devices of War trilogy, the first of which, Fall of Sky City was reviewed by me on this blog, as a part of the first ever blog tour I participated in!

Having handed himself back to the Hands to save his friends, Synn finds himself back in the hands of the Queens. Though Nix wants him back, he is doing everything in his power to escape her. All Synn wants is peace, and his way of achieving this is about to blow all the old traditions out of the water (or air depending what family they are from!)

This is a book that I was super excited to read, I absolutely loved the first book, and when I saw the blog tour invite for this one I jumped at the chance. And I wasn't disappointed! This book was as full of adventure, action and great characters as the first one. Including Nix, the character that is there to be hated.

I believe that I mentioned in my first review that Nix was a character that I loved to hate, and that really does remain true. She is so complex as a character, and sometimes she does seem like she has good intentions, but because of her nasty streak you hate her. Though I would think that at the start of Knight of Wands anyone that hadn't read Fall of Sky City probably wouldn't dislike her as much and just think that she was a bit misunderstood.

The characters are one of the best bits of Blooding's world, each one is unique and even though some have been victims of similar things, they aren't just flat. Synn is exactly the same, he is more dimensional than many characters are, and I don't even find it particularly hard to relate to him as a male character. As you may have noticed, I often say that I prefer female characters as I can relate to them more.

One of the other best bits of Blooding's world is the different culture that she creates. Each tribe of people has their own language, traditions and cultures, and they all weave together to form the world (though this is now being changed, but they are still there). It is that richness that really lends Knight of Wands its depth.

A fantastic read, though I'd say go back to the first one first, not because this can't be read as a standalone, but rather because you're missing out by not having read it!


by SM Blooding

Book 2 of the Devices of War Trilogy

Genre: New Adult Fantasy Steampunk Adventure Publisher: Blooding Books Book Description: (Can be read as stand-alone) Return to a world of mind blowing visuals, heart stopping action, and ships that sail the skies. Nix, Queen of Wands, has exactly what she wants—Synn El’Asim, the greatest Mark the world has ever seen. Even though she bound his soul to hers, he is not easily controlled. If she wants him, she must do the one thing that pains her most. Let him go, and give him what he desires. Peace. Armed with a treaty bearing Nix’s seal, Synn sets off to bridge the gap between the world’s two reigning tyrants—the Hands of Tarot and the Great Families. He struggles to trust Nix as he fights for control of his soul. He’s going to need every ounce of restraint when dealing with his mother, leader of the Great Families. She will not give up her power without a fight. Nix will honor her treaty only if Synn agrees to become her knight. His mother refuses to sign the peace agreement if he falls into the queen’s control. Frustrated, Synn does the one thing neither woman saw coming. He invites all the tribes, currently voiceless in the war between these two ruling tyrants, to partake in the treaty negotiations. All they have to do is prove their worth in his Peace Games. As Synn’s influence and subsequent power grows, a new fight begins. Who will control Synn’s League of Cities? Can he protect more people as a leader of the Great Families, or as the Knight of Wands?

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Fall of Sky CityFall of Sky City Book 1 : Amazon – Kindle| Amazon – Paperback| Goodreads

 Praise for Fall of Sky City
Wow! What did I just read?? The story was deliciously complex, full of fear, wonder, magic, gadgets, gizmos, one heck of a psycho Queen and wonderful friends. Every character brought something to the story, each with a unique personality that came to life through the book, each with their own fears to overcome. Victoria Limbert I love the world Blooding has created. She managed to create it in a way that it combines specs of all my favorite movies, books, etc. It’s a mixture of young adult fantasy, steam punk, dystopia, sci-fi, paranormal and even some tiny bit of romance. Fall of Sky City is a diverse book that is intense, a little bit violent, and a whole lot of awesome! I look forward to reading the next book of the series! Unputdownable Books SM Blooding is a new author to me, but this is definitely not the last book I’ll read by her. Synn El’Asim is a powerful character–the reader sees him grow from a young man who has not yet come into his power to a strong man who is courageous enough to fight for what he believes in–his family and his people. The world building Ms. Blooding does is nothing short of remarkable. A world composed of flying ships, ice worlds, danger, and intrigue. My World of Dreams This book is action-packed and intense. You feel like you’re part of the drama. This story is intense. The action is perfectly paced. I had trouble putting the book down. I really felt for Synn from the very beginning. He goes through so much. As soon as he gets his mark, he is plunged into one situation after another. Queen Nix, who is horrifying by the way, pushes Synn to new levels, in more and more diabolical ways. With the help of friends and family, Synn becomes a strong leader. Waiting on Sunday to Drown

I’m amazed of the world Blooding has created and built. It has Sky, Land, and Water Cities. These cities each has its own technologies, language, and a whole different way of life. These worlds remind me a lot of Avatar the Last Airbender and Star Wars, which I both loved wholeheartedly. Bahrain Newspaper Article Review!

Meet the Author:

SM “Frankie” Blooding lives in Colorado with her pet rock, Rockie, and Jack the Bird. Jack has refused to let her to take up the piano again, but is warming to the guitar. It might help that Frankie has learned more than two strings. She’s added a few more Arabic words to her vocabulary, but don’t invite her into conversation yet—unless, of course, you’re willing to have a very . . . slow . . . conversation. She’s dated vampires, werewolves, sorcerers, weapons smugglers and US Government assassins. Yes. She has stories.

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