Friday, 8 November 2013

Awakening: Blood on White Snow

My aim has been to write individual short stories from the same characters point of view (now that I've decided to carry on), and I decided that I wanted to carry on with fairy tale retellings, well sort of, this probably isn't how you remember the story going! As always, please tell me what you think! And if anyone has any ideas of what image I could use to tie my posts together then please let me know! 

You can read the original Awakening story here

Awakening: Blood on White Snow  by Laura Greenwood

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little princess; her hair was as black as coal, her skin as white as snow and her lips so red it was as if they were smeared with blood. But the Princess’ mother had died, leaving the King all alone. When the girl was 17, her father remarried to a woman who was known as the Fairest in the Land, not knowing that the woman had promised a great price in exchange for her beauty. The heart of an innocent, taken from their body and still beating…


Most people want me to tell them that we’re not all bad; that there is some good in us, but that would be a lie. We’re what you would call evil, and I love it. Ellinora was an easy one to crack, she wanted beauty to capture the heart of a King and I did it for her, all I wanted in return was one measly little heart, I think I sold out cheap if I’m honest.

I don’t need to drink blood to survive, that would just defeat the point of evolution. No, I drink blood because I like it, the very scent is intoxicating it, and drinking it is the best feeling you could imagine, there’s only one thing I’ve found that beats it, but I can’t do that alone.


Ellinora failed. She has tried to get her step-daughters heart and yet little Snow White is still alive and kicking, she says she tried everything, sending a ruthless huntsman, a poisoned comb, a corset, a poisoned apple…and yet none of it has worked. She has angered me and she will pay the price. I could just kill her, and though drinking her blood would be fun, that is far too quick, a message must be sent, no one messes with me.

The best punishments are the simplest I find, all I had to do was reverse the spell on Ellinora and she went back to her former self, warts and all. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone’s life crash down around them so fast, not even my own which changed with just a prick of my finger. I would laugh, but there is work still to do, a price to be extracted, no matter the cost.


She’s a pretty one, this Snow White, in a young and youthful way, I can hear her blood pumping and the smell is just exquisite. I’m lucky that rumours of my notoriety have yet to come to this Kingdom, and I can use the easiest way to get close to her. All I have to do is be her friend.

It isn’t hard to do, she’s young and trusting, and living with those vial dwarves whose blood smells of grease and salt, not pleasant, all I have to do is offer a friendly ear. The things she told me about would bore even the dead to death, and the undead it would seem, how she wished her Prince would come, and how everything should be clean, you know the typical Princess stuff. I would have no quarms about killing this one.


I got my opportunity on the day she wanted to go look for trapped rabbits, I mean seriously, who bothers? We were all alone in the forest and I ripped out her heart, my hand straight through her chest. While it was still beating I brought it to my lips and drank down some of the sweetest blood I have ever tasted.

You may want to ask why I killed her, I didn’t have to I guess. But people need to learn, you don’t cross me without paying the price. I want people to shake in fear at the mention of Maia, the Princess that slept, and woke a whole different person.