Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Short Story: Strange Soul mates by C L Gordon

Strange Soul Mates is a science fiction short story, which I received a copy of from the author in exchange for my review.

Stephen was drinking away his anxieties over girlfriend Emily and her having an affair, when an old scientist offers him a solution. By using a machine, Stephen could transfer Emily's consciousness into his head, making them complete as soul mates. What Stephen doesn't realise or consider, is the consequences that may come from using this technology.

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What Gordon has managed to do with his short story is to create a plot that seems to have a greater depth than the page count allows. What I mean by that is that the complexity of the concepts in the story, and the actual details of the story, would have been just as suitable for a novel or novella. For a short story this is an achievement, particularly as many short stories tend to fall down because of their over simplified nature.

There was a very limited cast of characters in Strange Soul Mates, and the only two detailed characters were Stephen and Emily. Before the 'experiment' you hear Stephen's side, whereas it is Emily's point of view that shows the aftermath. This is through the third person narrator though.

I thought that the way Gordon portrayed the aftermath of the incident was very realistic, and took into account the complexities of love, emotions and grief, and the effect that they have on people.

All in all, Strange Soul Mates was an interesting and well thought out short story, and is definitely worth a read!

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