Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Serial: Unpossible by Zachary Bonelli

The 10th installment in +Zachary Bonelli's +Voyage: Embarkation serial. I received a copy of Unpossible in exchange for my honest review.

Since his adventures in Nanogen (episode 9), Kal's been playing it safe, much to his brother, Tria's annoyance. Upon encouragement from Tria, the brothers visit a world where everything seems to be backwards. On meeting a strange man called Zeno, the brothers discover what the rules of the planet are, and how they can leave...

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Once again I have thoroughly enjoyed Kal and Tria's adventures, and now that I have a physical edition its difficult to stop myself from reading on before I have written my review! (I like to read something else between episodes of Voyage Embarkation so I can review each episode on its own terms). This is one of the shorter episodes, at about 12 pages long, though I would like to say that the illustration in this one was brilliant, one of the most detailed!

Bonelli has created another individual world in Unpossible, taking a concept that most people are aware of, iin this case the paradox, and conforming it to his own view for his world. I also really liked the way that the paradox rules were revealed, through the well known riddle 'Everything I say is a lie.'

This episode has once again left me wanting more of Kal and Tria!