Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Serial: Duality by Zachary Bonellli

Duality is episode 7 of the Voyage Embarkation serial. I was given a copy of Duality in exchange for my honest review.

In the seventh of Kal's adventures he has programmed it so that only high tech worlds are shown by his pad, and he and Tria set off to visit them is succession. They do this to try and find Tria a body, and Kal a cure for his aversion to nano radiation. The fifteenth of these worlds is the planet, Dvu, where they immediately encounter Rko, a native who is in danger from the crashing tides. Rko is in the wilderness on his own because he is an unaltering, someone who neither a Ngih or Ngoh, and so shunned by societey. For reasons unknown to Kal, Rko wants to go on a journey to one of the planet's volcanoes and Kal agrees to join him.

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Once again this episode has shifted in tone, instead of focusing on the relationship between the brothers, Duality focuses more on romance for Kal. I must say I was slightly shocked at the sudden introduction of the romance, but I think that it was time and that it really adds to Kal's character. There is now another level to him that isn't a brother or a friend. The romance itself seems to progress at a good speed, particularly as it is a short story, and thankfully it didn't have the whirlwind element that it could have had. Now it has me interested to find out and to see if there is going to be a (different) long term love interest in Kal's life and adventures. Weirdly I hadn't even noticed it was missing until I read Duality!

Tria didn't seem to play a large part in Duality, as once again he was off searching through  the archives and learning more about his passion, languages. I'm enjoying the interest in languages that Tria has shown, particularly being a linguist myself (in fact at the moment of writing this I have just spent the morning conversing in my second language!)

I liked the way that the title, Duality, made the most sense at the end of the episode, once it became clear about the fact that each person on Dvu has a Ngih and a Ngoh, who have different names, personalities and appearances. In a way this is almost like Kal and Tria, apart from the fact that a Ngih and Ngoh can't exist at the same time.

I'm excited to find out what happens in episode 8!!!