Thursday, 3 October 2013

Serial: Corporeal by Zachary Bonelli

Corporeal is episode 5 of the Voyage Embarkation serial. I received a copy of Corporeal from Zachary Bonelli in exchange for my review.

In his search to find a body for his mind clone, Tria, Kal and Tria arrive on the planet Vogg, which has suffered from a poisonous atmosphere and other weather issues called the Murk for years. After making several trips to Vogg, they find a pair of tradebrothers who have created a clone of Kal and are willing to attempt to separate his and Tria's thought processes. But a storm is brewing and heading straight for the dome in which the experiment will take place, which could put Kal and Tria's separation on hold...

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I will admit to being slightly surprised when I opened this book (or whatever the equivalent of opening is for an ebook), as the characters it opened with had nothing to do with Kal at that point. For some reason, just that opening seemed to give Corporeal a different, and deeper, tone than the other episodes so far in Voyage Embarkation. I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy it because I did! It just seemed to take on a whole new character, and I am hoping that there is more of this tone and style to come on the journey.

It was interesting to see Bonelli work on the relationship between Kal and Tria, whereas in the previous episode, Tria, they only just met and Kal was determined to get rid of Tria, it seemed to have advanced a lot to the point where Kal is actually considering what exactly Tria is to him. I think that as characters they actually compliment each other very well and despite being the same brain (well technically) they seem to have distinct personalities. I am intrigued to see how their relationship will develop further and what the pair of them get up to.

I was also intrigued by the talk of the history of Vogg, and particularly the era known as 'The Gluttony' and the related 'gluttony-tech', though mentioned there wasn't a whole lot actually revealed about it, and there was no real indication of what it was about. However Tria did mention that he had found out that all gluttony age technology was destroyed shortly after in an event known as 'the Purge'. It sounds like it could be something interesting, and yet I am of two minds as to whether it will be developed further, if it was then I think it would be interesting.

We also learnt more about the programs that the nanites and Kal use via the pad, namely the language matrix. I'll admit, up until that point I had never even considered that the planets Kal is visiting would have their own languages and so I never questioned how Kal was communicating. However now it all makes sense, and with Tria's seeming interest in languages this may be something that might be explored in more depth.

Once more I have thoroughly enjoyed Kal and Tria's adventures and am looking forward to reading the next installment of Voyage Embarkation.