Monday, 21 October 2013

Serial: Benevolence by Zachary Bonelli

Benevolence is episode 8 of the Voyage Embarkation serial. I received an omnibus edition of the serial from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Kal and Tria are shocked to find a world very different from earth when they land on Glinn, all of the people are short and stocky and made of clay, and the animals, with humanoid arms and legs, are taller, more intelligence and seemingly in charge. That is until you get to the tower. The Artificial intelligence in the tower became too clever for the humans who created it in order to save the planet. Kal can't help but want to help the trapped animals and people of Glinn, but can he do that without it going wrong?

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After getting home from France last night, I was very very excited to see that I had a package which included the complete collection of Voyage Embarkation, and after really enjoying episodes 6 and 7 in quick succession I couldn't wait to read episode 8, and I haven't been disappointed!

Once again the world that Bonelli has created is imaginative and different from anything else that I have come across, and the way that he manages to be so expressive and descriptive in a relatively short number of pages shows such an amount of talent!

This is the first time in Voyage Embarkation that we have seen a major disagreement between Kal and Tria, further separating them as individuals. It is over the fact that Kal wants to stay and help the people that are o Glinn, whereas Tria has a gut feeling that staying would be bad. And I must say, it would be pretty awesome to just be able to power off when you were angry with someone like Tria does!

One of the issues raised in Benevolence is whether or not helping actually helps. It may seem like a silly concept from that sentence, and Bonelli comes at the issue in such a better way than I can, but it does raise the question about whether Kal is actually helping. It all links back to consequences, just like the storms a couple of episodes back. This is where it becomes really clear that Kal is a young teenager, he didn't really learn his lesson and there were severe consequences, but the journey is why you read!

I have once again thoroughly enjoyed this episode of Voyage Embarkation and am looking forward to reading the rest! 

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