Thursday, 31 October 2013

Serial: All Hallow's by Zachary Bonelli

Though a side story to Voyage Embarkation and not part of the series itself, All Hallow's could be considered as episode 13.5. I received a copy of All Hallow's from the author in exchange for my review.

Kal wakes up the morning after Halloween to find that Tria is missing after an argument between them. Following Tria to an alternative world, Kal finds a virtual reality where Tria has a physical form. But all is not well, there are genetically engineered pumpkins that are destroying the real world and Kal has been split up into the various parts of his personality, passion, order, logic, morality and something else which he just can't place. In order to reconcile the parts of him and return to his college life, Kal must figure out what part of himself he is and use it.

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Bonelli started off with an explanation as to when to read All Hallow's, and what episodes should ideally be read first. He explains that though the events occur during the events of Taboo (episode 13), the only episodes you have to have read for it to make sense is up to episode 5. Saying that, there is a brief summary at the beginning of the events that are important to know about.

There was a kind of Jekyll and Hyde feeling about All Hallow's, which is fitting really with the Halloween theme. Particularly when it comes to Order-Kal and his attitudes towards everything. In total there are different Kals, not including Tria, and all 5 of them have very different responses. Saying that, the way in which the Kals interacted did make it obvious that these were parts of Kal and not the whole of Kal, and I suspect that Kal (as in the whole Kal) learned a lot from the experience.

Interestingly, Tria was not subject to being split into different personality traits, and it was his trust in one of the particular Kals that meant that the brothers could effectively  escape. Tria also helped the 5th Kal to discover which part of his personality he was.