Saturday, 5 October 2013

Romance for a Reason: Unbridled by Lauren Grimley

I received a copy of Unbridled from the author in exchange for my review as a part of Romance for a Reason.

Alex has been invited to a meeting of the SUV, with the vampire females, Sarah, Vivian and Ellie, who each tell the tales of how they got together with their 'mate' (the vampire equivalent of a husband or wife). The stories of the women are interlinked through conversations between the people in the room at the SUV meeting.

The main feeling I've come away with from Unbridled is 'I want more!' (and I've already added Unforeseen to my TBR list!). I liked the way that even in the short stories, Grimley managed to tell her own vampire mythology and introduce thoughtful and deep characters.

I really liked the way that all of the stories were woven together, though each was set in a different time period, and they centred around different characters, there were consistencies throughout them, such as certain characters, themes or places. This meant that the collection of short stories doesn't feel like short stories, more like a continuous narrative.

It is heavily implied that female vampires don't have a lot of standing or rights in their community, and yet each of the females in question seem to have managed to stand up for themselves and gain the respect of their mates, meaning that you can really appreciate their inner strength. Even the character of Ellie, who the main character, Alex, doesn't seem to like, seemed like someone who should be respected and could hold her own.

Though there was sex, nothing was particularly explicit in Unbridled, it is clear that the series isn't suitable for younger readers, as there were frequent mentions of sex, including jokes about what the characters got up to in the bedroom. The friendly banter about bedroom antics did help show the relationships between the women in the room.

Ultimately Unbridled has just whetted my appetite, and now I really want to read more from Alex and her fellow characters!

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