Sunday, 13 October 2013

Interview with Felicia Rogers

Laura: I would like to welcome and thank you for joining me on trips down imagination road! Please, tell
us a little about yourself.
Felicia: My name is Felicia Rogers. I’m a romance author in several different genres, including historical, chick-lit, and contemporary. I enjoy reading, crocheting, and hiking. I also volunteer in multiple activities, such as Girl Scouts.

L: What inspired you to write the Renaissance Hearts Series?
F: What inspired me to write the Renaissance Hearts Series is that I LOVE Scottish romance. From the Scottish brogue, to the purple fields of heather, and plaid colored clothing! I love it all.

L: Which was your favourite character to write? And why?
F: Grant Cameron! I loved writing about him in Labor of Love. He has a tough exterior, and the idea that no woman will ever be good enough or pure enough to be his wife. Then there is Sorcha...

L: Do you have any writing rituals?
F: Coffee and music. I love to listen to instrumental music that fits the story I’m writing. I must have listened to the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack and Celtic music a thousand times while writing this series.
L: Have you got a reading guilty pleasure? (Whether that is something sweet you eat whilst reading or what you are actually reading!)
F: No really. But maybe I should make one up to make me sound more interesting!

L: What is the most memorable book from your childhood or school years?
F: E.B. Whites Charlotte’s Web. It is the first book I remember reading.

L: What do you think makes a good book?
F: I think a great book is made with great characters and dialogue.

L: What fictional character(s) would you invite to a dinner party and why?

F: From the Renaissance Hearts Series I would invite Bryce from Beyond A Doubt, because he would listen to me no matter how much I rambled, and he would never interrupt to give his own opinion preferring to shrug instead.