Monday, 28 October 2013

Book: White as Snow by Holly Love

Anne is the Queen of the kingdom and the fairest of them all, until one day when her magic mirror shows her a girl from a nearby village whose name has been forgotten in exchange for Snow. Anne sends the best huntsman in the kingdom to kill Snow, but after her supposedly fatal run in with him, Snow wakes up to meet Lod and 11 other dwarves. Hell bent on removing her opponent, Anne attempts to kill Snow herself, several more times, only to have her fall unconscious and to be awakened by the Prince of the North, and to still be the fairest of them all.

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You may think that this basically sounds like the classic fairy tale of Snow White. Which in a way I guess it is, except for one major difference. Snow is an exhibitionist. I wasn't actually prepared for it but Snow basically did a strip tease for the dwarves when she met them and then pleased herself in front of them. I will admit to worrying at one point that she was going to end up in a compromising position with the dwarves, but thankfully that didn't happen, or I'm not convinced that I would have carried on reading!

The way in which Snow was woken up was different from the classic too, i.e. there were a lot less clothes involved than in the original story, leading me to believe, and worry slightly, that the Prince must suffer from necrophilia, again something I can't quite reconcile with the original story! Oh and did I mention that the dwarves were watching the awakening?

As I mentioned above, I wasn't prepared in the slightest for the sex scenes (I got distracted somewhere between free ebook, fairy tale retellings and the cover!) so here is my warning to you: this book contains explicit content, though nothing too hardcore and it is just the two scenes that I mentioned above.

Other than the surprise sex scenes, I found the writing enjoyable to read, especially seeing more of the evil queen, Anne, than in the traditional tale (particularly since recently reading The Fairest of Them All for a blog tour). I also thought that it was refreshing to see a slightly less virtuous Snow White, and not just because of the sex, it was quite heavily implied that she suffered from a bad case of vanity.

One thing that did strike me as slightly odd in relation to the promiscuity and the exhibitionist Snow was that she was described as looking almost exactly like the Disney version, black bob, red lips, white skin, red hair bow and even a blue dress. I'll admit that reconciling the two Snow Whites in my head isn't really happening right now!

On a completely unrelated and far more superficial note, how stunning is the cover image! There's no doubt that the story is one of Snow White when you look at it. Though I am slightly confused as to why it is an apple on the cover, as in White as Snow it is cherries and not apples that are used to poison Snow. But then again, cherries don't scream Snow White as much as apples do.