Thursday, 3 October 2013

Book: The Waves by Jen Minkman

The Waves is the companion story and sequel to The Island. I received a copy of The Waves in exchange for my honest review.

Walt's Grandfather is a particularly devout man, believing that the Goddess, Anabelle, will come to rescue the people from the Island that they have inhabited for 150 years. Believing that there is more out there, Walt's best friend, and cousin, Yorrick, plans to set sail for lands unknown, but before he can, he is murdered before Walt's eyes by what appears to be an unbeliever, though Walt has his doubts. Following his gut instinct, Walt crosses the wall that separates the two sides of the Island and encounters Leia, causing the series of events that led to the unification of the island in the previous book.

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I always get slightly apprehensive when reading a first person narrative from a male perspective, I think its because, never having been male, there is an automatic barrier between myself and the narrator. And it must be said, I found it much easier to relate to Leia's side of the story in The Island. That isn't to say that I didn't enjoy The Waves though, because I did!

As with The Island, The Waves focuses quite heavily on religion, though people who weren't fans of the Star Wars religion from The Island, will be glad to know that it takes a step back in The Waves. Personally I found that Minkman's use of Star Wars as a religion was clever, and shows a good understanding of children's minds. What The Waves proved was that Minkman is as able to create her own mythology as she is is of adapting it from pop culture. I particularly liked the way that the real story of arrival, and the mythology created, were interwoven.

I felt that The Waves had quite a different tone to The Island, I can't really explain the feeling, its just one that I have, as is the feeling that you should read The Island first, though the books run parallel, especially as The Waves reveals more about the Islander's pasts and even the geography of the Island, and even whereabouts the island is (which I must admit, surprised me slightly, I had expected somewhere more exotic!)

There was much less of a Lord of the Flies feel about The Waves, probably because there was less of children ruling themselves! Give these two novellas a read! Though I would suggest giving The Island a read first!