Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Book: The Slave Queen by Jessica McIntyre

The beautiful Ilyia comes to court to marry King Roman, of Mayfair, a man already enamoured with her beauty. But Roman isn't the only man to have fallen for Ilyia. Sir Henry has never been with a woman, and believes that his vows of celibacy as a knight should be honoured, but one look at Ilyia and he is willing to change his mind. Meanwhile the King of the Satyrs, Ramses, has also decided that he wants Ilyia and kidnaps her on her wedding night to Roman, taking her to be the Queen of his realm, Arcadia. King Roman immediately sets off to free his bride from Ramses, meanwhile Ramses is using his lust inducing pheromones to ensure the obedience of his future Queen.

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Warning: (And please take this one seriously) The Slave Queen includes scenes of a sexually explicit nature, including same sex partnerships and group sex as well as sexual relations between Satyrs and humans. Personally I was able to disengage from the sex (and in this case I did expect it) and allowed it to become part of the story. And you have to admit that it does add a different level to the kidnapped Queen story that borders on over use at times!

I must say though, I would have preferred, and in fact do prefer, there to be more romance than sex in the books that I read, and this one fell down on the amount of romance in it, or more accurately the lack of it. I would have liked to have seen just a little bit of romance between someone somewhere!

This ebook has promised the start of a quest for the return of Ilyia to her husband and her country, and hopefully the sequel (called The Slave Knight) delivers more on that note (and hopefully more on the romance front!)

One thing I did like was the name of the ebook, The Slave Queen, it raises a few questions at first, like how it is possible to be both a slave and a queen, but having read the story it does all become clear. I will admit that I'm still not so sure what to make of The Slave Queen, and I don't think that is even to do with the slight weirdness that is Satyr sex.

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