Monday, 14 October 2013

Book: Side Saddle by Alice K Cross

Set in the Victorian era, Lucy is a keen horsewoman, her only passion being to ride. But as a noble she is expected to marry and bare children. Far from thinking about her marriage, Lucy finds herself thinking of the new stable master, Sam Smith, and the mystery he poses. Then one day she figures out Smith's secret, much to Sam's horror, but Lucy couldn't care less about it and approaches Sam to teach her to ride astride, little realising what that will lead to...

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In order to talk about the thing that most struck me about Side Saddle, I am going to have to include a major plot spoiler during my review, you have been warned!

You see Side Saddle is primarily a romance, but what makes it different to any of the romances that I have read is that it is between two women, one of whom (Sam) wants to be a man. And he even went as far as to create a certain body part for himself as well as dressing and acting like a man.

Personally I didn't even notice a change in the dynamics between Lucy and Sam once it was revealed that Sam was a woman, there was still a great deal of attraction between them, and that came across in the writing. Saying that I am unsure whether it is because of my own personal views (i.e. love is love and it doesn't matter who it is between) is why I didn't read the story any different because Sam wanted to be a man and wasn't one, I think what I'm trying to say is that I continued to read Sam as a man.

I must admit that, though I saw the falling in love with the stable master coming, I did not see Sam being a woman coming at all. Kudos to Cross for actually managing to surprise me!

A quick, easy, Victorian romance with a twist!