Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Book: Scoundrel for Hire by Adrienne deWolfe

Scoundrel for Hire is book 1 of the Velvet Lies series. I received this book as a part of the blog tour for book 3 in the series, Seduced by an Angel. A review of the second book, His Wicked Dream is forthcoming.

Silver's father is planning to marry Celestia, a fortune teller who Silver believes is just after her father's money. In an attempt to dupe Cellie into betraying her father, Silver employs Rafe, a professional actor, to seduce her. Little do Rafe and Silver realise what they've got themselves into, with neither one of them really wanting Rafe to succeed because of their growing attraction for one another, both physically and emotionally. But can they rid each other of their respective ghosts, or are they doomed as some of the lovers in Shakespeare's plays that Rafe knows so well.

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This book probably just proved to me just how eclectic my reading taste really is! Yesterday I was reading a dystopian novel, before that sci-fi and before that paranormal, and that's all this month! (I finished reading Scoundrel for Hire on October 5th). Now I've read a Western Romance, and I am not at all ashamed to admit that I enjoyed it!

I loved Silver as a main character, she was confident and independent, but she still managed to have a certain vulnerability about her that made her real. There were points in Scoundrel for Hire that I wanted to cry because of how strong Silver's emotions were. In fact the only thing that sort of annoyed me about Silver was her name, and that's probably just because I wouldn't want to be called Silver!

The relationship between Silver and Rafe seemed realistic, and really did seem like a seduction. They start out trying to use each other and end up with far more than that. It is quite a classic story line, and is used often, but thankfully deWolfe was able to pull it off.

Like all good Westerns, Scoundrel for Hire had a bad guy, someone that you really hate, is genuinely a bad person (not just a misunderstood one) and doesn't seem to have any redeeming features (other than being ridiculously attractive of course, that's a given for bad guys). What I found interesting about the villain in Scoundrel for Hire was that he was actually absent for about three quarters of the novel, which did work as he had been mentioned several times and was kind of a bad memory. Kind of.

Something else that I found interesting was the way that the character of Tavy was introduced. (Tavy is short for Octavia, one of the many references to Shakespeare that can be found in the book.) There is so much mystery around her that you really can't figure it out until you're told outright who she is!

I loved this book! Plenty of romance, with just a bit of adventure thrown in to spice it up!

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