Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Book: Mia's Return by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Mia's Return is the second book of the Destiny's Trinities series, and is the sequel to Beth's Acceptance, which is the other review posted today. I received a copy of Mia's Return from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

Ten years ago, Mia learnt that Alex was dead, and yet she has run into him in modern day New York. Alex is still drawn to Mia, despite warnings from his fellow vampires, Zach and Diego, he still wants her. Demon hunter Wyatt, comes across Alex and Mia and is instantly drawn to them by unconscious thoughts, and so the second trinity begins to bond...

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Mia's Return contains scenes of a sexually explicit nature, and is not suitable for younger audiences. Though in this book, the sex its self is much less mind boggling than as in Beth's Acceptance, as it all seems actually physically possible.

I did have the slight concern that Mia's Return would just be more of the same as the first book, but actually the characters were completely different, and there felt to be slightly more of a storyline to this one. Though that could just be due to something as simple as the mood I was in when I read each installment.

Another slight concern that I had was that the other characters from the previous book would fade into the background and I am thankful to be able to say that they didn't, they still played a large role in the story (a fully clothed role I may add) and were entwined with it in more than one way.

Still an intriguing concept, though I still think that slightly less sex, and slightly more plot would be an improvement!

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