Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Book: Madly by M. Leighton

Madly is a Mermaid, but not just any mermaid, she's a princess. Living and going to school on the mainland with her best friends Aidan and Jersey, everything is normal until their carer is found dead, and its no mean feat to kill a Mer. Suddenly fearing for her parents lives, Madly tries to swim back to Atlas, but the paralyzing alarm sounds and she's stopped in her tracks, only to be saved by Jersey's distant and aloof brother, Jackson. Madly feels an undeniable connection to Jackson, but she is to be betrothed to Aidan, and she can only have one mating bond...On top of that the only hope that the Mer people have of surviving is Madly's powers, and she has to try and save her people and her family with just the help of her friends.

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I will admit to doing something with Madly that I very very rarely do; I judged a book by its cover. In my defense though, just look at it, it is absolutely stunning! When I saw the cover I decided that that was what I was going to read next, and I tell you what, I am glad that I did, I really enjoyed Madly, though it certainly leaves you wanting more! It is an introductory novella which stops on a major cliff hanger!

There is the potential for a love triangle in Madly, though I hope that it doesn't go the way most do and be all teen anguish, personally I hope that it'll just kind of disappear! Plus it is so much easier to see Madly with Jackson than with Aidan, probably because, as it is a first person narrative, it is impossible to see Aidan in a way other than brotherly.

For such a short novella there was a decent amount of characterisation, though I think that this may be down to the fact that the author has viewed this as part of a whole rather than as an individual novella. Though it only concentrates on a couple of characters, I thought that this was preferable to a large cast with not a lot of development.

With the book containing mermaids, there is the obvious addition of magic. I liked the way that Madly and her fellow Mer had to have magical support to live on dry land, also Madly was unable to perform magic without water to power it, which of course makes sense if you are a water creature. On top of that, Madly hadn't had a lot of experience with magic, so she is on a learning curve, meaning that we, as the readers, learn at the same time.

There is a lot of foreshadowing about the parts that other fairy tale characters are going to play in the further adventures of Madly, and I am looking forward to reading of them. For a book that I read purely based on the cover, I was surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did (though if I'd read the blurb I don't think that I would have been surprised!

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