Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Book: Losing Paradise by Sara Dunn

Losing Paradise is a short story retelling the well known creation tale of Adam and Eve. Adam awakes alone in paradise with no knowledge of his name, past or where he is. He is told by an angel, Gabriel, that he may stay in paradise for eternity so long as he never accepts anything from the dead circle around Lucifer's tree. One day Adam comes across a woman (though he doesn't realise that she is a woman) and, with a little coercion from Lucifer, he takes her and shows her paradise. All is well until Adam and Eve have sex, where upon Adam has partaken of something from Lucifer's tree and is banished from paradise.

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Warning: Losing Paradise contains scenes of a sexually explicit nature, though it does not contain any descriptions of 'hardcore' acts.

Ignoring the explicitness, I thought that Losing Paradise was an interesting take on the Biblical tale of Adam and Eve, though it feels only fair that I should warn any particularly religious readers that they need to be aware that in this retelling, Adam makes the mistake and Eve is the apple. Well I guess I'm warning you if you haven't already been put off by the idea of sex in Losing Paradise.

I liked the style in which the story was written. As Adam had no names for many of the things around him, the narrative gave descriptive names. This meant that it was easy for the reader to understand what was happening and Adam's surroundings, whilst keeping the sense of wonder and ignorance that Adams feels, at the forefront of the reader's mind. It is worth noting that in a longer story this would most likely annoy me, but for a story this length it is fine.

This is the first time that I have read a retelling based on a Bible story, and from this I think I would try another, though I would be careful in selecting them as I couldn't guarantee I would enjoy it.