Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Book: Lily of the Valley by Sarah Daltry

Lily of the Valley takes place on parallel with Forget Me Not, as part of the Flowering series. Lily of the Valley shows the same series of events, starting with moving in day, and up to Christmas, though it does go slightly further than Forget Me Not in that it shows Lily and Jack's Christmas. The main difference is that this book is from Jack's point of view, following his past, feelings and emotions.

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I don't tend to read books from a male perspective of this genre (as in I will of other genres) but romance, and fairly erotic romance at that, for that it doesn't really make sense to read from a male perspective, it all comes down to being able to relate with the character, because there is very little that I have in common with Jack (there are a few minor things, but because they don't make up the majority of his personality they seem a bit silly to point out).

I wrote the above paragraph because I think that it is important for me to say the following. Despite the above, I found that I enjoyed Lily of the Valley far more than I thought I would. It is slightly strange to read something whilst already knowing the story, which probably doesn't allow the reader to properly feel Jack's pain at certain points, but it also adds something different. As a reader, after reading Lily of the Valley (which I believe is designed to be read after Forget Me Not) you know how both Lily and Jack feel, meaning that there really is more of a relationship between them.

Don't get me wrong, I think I still prefer Lily as a narrator, mainly because I can without a doubt relate to her (and even if I couldn't, she's female, I can at least relate to that!) but I found that I liked Jack more now. I liked him before, but now that is concrete in my mind, he's messed up and he has reason to be, but he still wants to move past it, and that is respectable as a character.

I was incredibly glad that Lily of the Valley continued on to show Lily and Jack's Christmas, since finishing Forget Me Not I had been wondering how that would have gone. Plus the present he got her (the 'real' present) was incredibly sweet, I'm with Lily that something like that is much more preferable to jewelry (though that is nice too!)

Oh, should probably reiterate my warning from my review of Forget Me Not, there are lots of sexual scenes in Lily of the Valley, including threesomes and light bondage. I don't think that it takes anything from the story, to me it makes the college romance seem more realistic, but I know that not everyone feels the same as I do.

For someone that tries to steer clear of contemporary romance, I seem to have become drawn into a contemporary romance series...that should tell you something!