Monday, 28 October 2013

Book: Homecoming by Cecilia Robert

I received a copy of Homecoming from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Five years ago, Sera ran away from Levian on the night of their mating, leaving him confused and alone. Now Levian has a lead on Sera's location and sets off to find her and bring her home. What he finds isn't the same vulnerable girl that left, rather a strong independent woman who is willing to fight her corner. Levian wants to fight for her, but will he still want to after he discovers the reason that she left?

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There are scenes of a sexual nature in Homecoming, though I wouldn't describe them as overly explicit. There are also some uses of bad language and swearing.

What first drew me to this book was the concept of various animal shiftings and the implications of that on culture, such as the mating ceremonies. And I am very glad to say that I wasn't disappointed. The characters in Homecoming took on the characteristics of their animal whilst in human form, as well as describing things such as partners and children as mates and cubs. There wasn't one moment where I thought that the shapeshifting was just added in for a little something else, it really did feel like the whole story was about that (which is good!)

I find that at the moment I keep going back to writing about the chemistry between the characters in my reviews. Now maybe that is because of the books that I am reading, but I am going to comment again. I loved reading the chemistry between Sera and Levian, there seemed to be a real depth to their bond, it wasn't just a physical thing (not that they would know! Not for the lack of trying but the couple never actually manage to have sex in the book) and even though they do feel other emotions towards each other, for various reasons, they still recognise their love and attraction for one another.

Add to this that this book had a twist that actually managed to shock me and you're onto a winner! I must say, brilliant twist, didn't even have an inkling!

Homecoming is only a 0.5 in the series, and honestly I can't wait to see what the rest of the series has to offer. If this is just the introduction then imagine how good the first book will be! Homecoming is seriously worth a read!!!