Friday, 25 October 2013

Book: Her Brother's Best Friend by Sarah Daltry

Her Brother's Best Friend is the short prequel to Forget Me Not, which toured back in September, and tells the story of how Lily and Derek first got together, or more accurately, how they first had sex.

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As you can probably imagine (particularly as you can see an image of the cover, and see the name of the series Her Brother's Best Friend originally was part of - First Timers) there are strong themes of a sexual nature, well really its all sex, all 8 pages (you know now!)

Because Her Brother's Best Friend was short, and mostly sex, my review is also likely to be short, as the main reasons that I read this book were because of how much I enjoyed Forget Me Not (and I have already downloaded the next book, Lily of the Valley) and I wanted to know the whole story.

 I found that reading Her Brother's Best Friend was slightly odd in the fact that I did read Forget Me Not first, and so I know the outcome of Lily and Derek's (seriously almost wrote Jack there, oops!) relationship, so some of the more naive and innocent concepts associated with it in Her Brother's Best Friend just don't stick as well as they would have done if I had read this one first. Though if I had read Her Brother's Best Friend first then I am not sure that I would have read Forget Me Not.

Due to it's length, and its eroticness, there was far less of a storyline in Her Brother's Best Friend. Personally I was actually glad that it was short, not because of any issues that I have with the story telling, writing style, or anything else to do with what Daltry created, but rather just because the whole concept of 'person X and their sibling's best friend' really grates on me for some completely unknown reason!