Friday, 18 October 2013

Book: The Genocide of the Undeserving by Edward Chilvers

The year is 2035, and Britain is massively overpopulated, having tried almost everything, the Prime Minister needs to come up with a radical solution fast. He calls an emergency summit with some of the most important people in politics, business and science to come up with a solution, and they do. The solution's name is Ridge, a drug that produces a small euphoric high and then kills the taker after a year. The government bans Ridge from the off to make it more desirable, and to make it so that only people willing to break the law are killed off, after all they aren't completely heartless! But once the effects of Ridge start to be seen there are some startling discoveries, such as the fact that one of the people involved in the development of Ridge dies from the illness it causes, along with people from groups highly against the use of Ridge. It is only upon meeting with the head of the NHS and healthcare that the Prime Minister finds out what went wrong.

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The Genocide of the Undeserving was an ebook that I picked up for free from amazon, and is only a short novella so I thought I would give it a go in a spare half hour or so. What I didn't expect was it to be as well written as it is, though it is a truly chilling story.

It does make you question what would happen if the UK got so dramatically overpopulated, and how the government would deal with it, though it also causes a little worry over what the people in charge would secretly do, and what happens if people are given access to something when they don't understand it completely, as with what happened with the NHS and healthcare system in The Genocide of the Undeserving.

This ebook is speculative fiction at its most chilling, there is no fancy technology, or defunct governing system, it is still people trying to do what they think is best for their country and their people. But they are still politicians so there is still some grappling for power and position.

Due to its length, and its content, there isn't a lot of character development time, not that there really needs to be in reality, it is still just as chilling.

I'd recommend The Genocide of the Undeserving if you're willing to handle the decimation of an entire country by accident that is!