Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Book: Daughter of Oreveille by Tricia Ballad

I received a copy of Daughter of Oreveille from the author in exchange for my review.

In faeland, the head of the house is a married Fae woman. With her mother looking to step down, it is even more imperative that Briana chooses a husband, and yet, every Fae suitor that courts her is rejected. When the Oreveille estate is attacked, Brianna is saved by Gabriel, a half-fae who she has known since she was a child, and she realises that the reason none of her fae suitors are suitable is because she is in love with Gabriel. But not everyone is happy with this arrangement, and when her mother announces that Brianna is engaged to another man, Brianna retaliates by performing a soul binding marriage to Gabriel. Events unfold which mean that the couple have to flee to Gaia (Earth) and start their life anew.

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Daughter of Oreveille is a fantasy novella surrounding the concept of love vs power. The way that half-fae and humans are treated in Faeland disgusts Brianna, which makes her character more likable straight away. In fact her morals about this are maintained throughout the story, which makes her ultimate decision at the end of the story, unsurprising after her shocking moral turn around.

The love story between Brianna and Gabriel was very clean cut and simple, as far as love stories go. They have known each other since they were children and grew to love each other as they got older. Then they married and loved each other and even followed each other to other lands. Though I am often drawn to more complicated love stories, I really enjoyed the simplicity of this one, despite the heartbreaking ending.

The magic of the Fae in Daughter of Oreveille had a certain uniqueness to it, with the glowing marks on the skin and the interaction they seem to have when performing magic, both the physical sensations and the way that their marks glow and bind together.

My only real issue with Daughter of Oreveille was it was too short! Though I guess that allows more momentum to build up for the sequel. The length did mean that there was actually less character development than I like, but as it seems to be a novella series, that will all depend on the development of the story arc as a whole.

Overall this was an enjoyable, easy and quick, fantasy read.