Monday, 21 October 2013

Book: The Curse Giver by Dora Machado

As promised during the blog tour last week for The Curse Giver, here is my review after completing the book. I received a copy of The Curse Giver in exchange for my review as a part of the blog tour.

Lusielle has had the mark on her back for her entire life, the mark that Bren happens to be searching for, believing that killing the woman bearing the mark will break his curse. Bren's curse has been on his line since his father, and as the last of four sons, he is desperate to break the curse and save his land. What he doesn't count on is what he feels for Lusielle, or help she'll give him. To be together, all they have to do is defeat the curse, but can they do that before Bren dies?

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I think I've found a new book to add to my (very long) list of favourites! I really really enjoyed this book. There were moments where I was worried about the chances of some of the characters surviving I will admit, and I was certainly rooting for the 'good' guys, the story just really dragged me in.

Thankfully, The Curse Giver is one of those fantasy books where the female lead is a strong one, though unlike in some books the male lead is also particularly strong in this book. I think its pretty clear by now that I am particularly drawn to strong female characters, and Lusielle was certainly that. She had her vulnerable moments though, but she was brave through them, and determined. Not to mention that she was skilled.

The relationship between Bren and Lusielle was well paced, at first it was a bit of banter between them, but then it progressed further into an actual attraction, and then they recognised that they loved each other. I don't feel like I'm spoiling anything by saying this for two reasons, the first is because it is pretty obvious right from the beginning that they will fall in love, and second because it is nowhere near as simple as that! Add to that the fact that some fantasies can be a little light on the romance and you need to know that this one isn't! (And that's a good thing!)

On a similar but not similar note. It took me forever to work out what the 'trial' was! I like being surprised by books, and when I worked it out I was surprised I hadn't sooner!

This is a brilliant book, and any lover of fantasy would enjoy it. It struck the right balance of love story, action, magic and mystique for me, so glad I read it!