Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Book: Bonds of Hope by Lynda Aicher

I received a copy of Bonds of Hope from Negalley in exchange for my review.

Quinn Andrews is an actress wanting to shed her innocent child actress image through taking on the role of a submissive in an upcoming film. But as she knows nothing of the BDSM world, she enlists the help of the Den, a club specialising in it. Under the tutelage of Marcus, one of the owners and a Dom, Quinn starts to learn more for her role, and more about herself. But with that comes the realisation that she is more comfortable submitting to Marcus and being herself around him that anyone else, and they have to work past the fact that their jobs both involve being intimate with other people if the want it to work. 

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Bonds of Hope is not suitable for younger readers, as it involves many scenes of a sexual nature, including those of a BDSM nature, involving bondage, gags and toys. 

But! Don't let that put you off! I'll admit that the reason that I wanted to read this book was because of the cover, I liked the mask, it intrigued me slightly, superficial I know but sometimes you just have to judge a book by its cover! Because of that, I wasn't expecting the love story to draw me in as much as it did, or really for it to have as big a part in the book as it did, at many points I thought that it played a bigger role than that of Quinn's sexual education. 

The two main characters, Quinn and the very sexy Marcus (all you have to do is read his description! He sounds very sexy! And I probably just revealed more about myself and what I look for in a man than I intended there!) have a chemistry that almost jumps off the page, and I can safely say that I was rooting for them all along. What I particularly liked about their relationship was that it wasn't perfect, they had their issues and they had to compromise with each other. 

Quinn as a main character was an example of what I like in books, she was sexy, confident and she grew, you could really read how her experiences were changing her into a stronger character. I thought that it was good how, despite her being a submissive, she was still feisty, in fact I thought that Aicher managed to balance it well in regards to people being about more than just their sexual preferences. 

Oh and have I mentioned the ending yet? Perfect! Left you on a high with a sense of completion!