Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Book: Beth's Acceptance by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Beth's Acceptance is book 1 of the Destiny's Trinities series.

Beth finds two men attractive, and would give herself to either of them in a heartbeat. When Beth is attacked, she mentally calls out to the two men, only to have it revealed to her that Lindal is an elf, and Zack is a vampire. The three begin to bond, in a way that changes them all. But it is soon revealed that the bond is more than just unusual, it is the culmination of a vampiric and elfish legend, meaning that the three lovers are even more important than any of them realise.

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Please take this warning seriously, there are many scenes of a sexual nature in Beth's Acceptance (some of which are slightly mind bogling in the mechanics of how it would work) and there is a three way relationship, on both an emotional and physical level, happening between the three main characters - Lindal, Zack and Beth.

Even ignoring the sex, I thought that the mythology was interesting and unique in comparison to other works of paranormal fiction, particularly in the relationship between elves and vampires. Because of the ingrained animosity between them, there was a good basis for banter between Zack and Lindal, though this does get less antagonistic as it gets closer towards the end, so basically as the bond, and the relationship between the two men, grows stronger.

Beth is actually the kind of female character that I like to read, well when she's isn't concentrating on sex anyway, then she's pretty much the same as any female character concentrating on sex, she's confident, in control, doesn't let her men tell her what to do, and she's feisty. Then again she is a red-head! (I attached a note in my review book to mention that author and fellow blogger +Illyanna Fox pointed out in her naughty thoughts about heroines, that red heads always seem to be feisty!)

I think that Beth's Acceptance has the real potential for an interesting and captivating story. Particularly as it is the start of a series, though maybe with a little less emphasis on sex.