Thursday, 26 September 2013

Serial: Tria by Zachary Bonelli

Tria is episode 4 of the serial, Voyage Embarkation.

On Kal's arrival in Lehr he is attacked by corded worm creatures and herded towards a landmark with which he is familiar, but is he being taken there for good and pure reasons, or is he there to be harmed? When Kal wakes up he is faced with an apparition that is identical to him in every way, and is just as scared. The apparition introduces himself as Tria, and has even less of an idea about how they got there than Kal does. In a world long abandoned by humans, you can imagine the stir that Kal's appearance stirs and the consequences...

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Once again, Bonelli has drawn me into Kal's story and his adventures. Now that it is clear what Kal's aim is for his journey, to find a cure for his allergy to nanotechnology which means he is unable to live on Earth or face death, his journey into other worlds is given much more depth. However, that is not all that the stories are about.

Already I think that Bonelli has touched on some quite serious topics, albeit in a light-hearted and fun way, and this installment of Voyage Embarkation is no different. This time Kal is dealing with cloning, though not of the traditional sort, but what is referred to as a 'mind clone', though I'm still not entirely sure what this means and what the effects will be on the characters, but I have a feeling that we will find out at some point in the future episodes.

This time we are also seeing intellgent creatures that aren't human (well sort of creatures), as the human race abandoned the alternative world of Lehr, hundreds of years ago. Something tells me that this is not going to be the last thing we hear about Lehr or its inhabitants in Voyage Embarkation, probably because there didn't seem to be much that Kal could learn for his antidote so there must be something else that makes Lehr important.

This episode was also slightly different because we found out more about Kal's past. He remembered when he first discovered his talent for programming, which was interesting as it gave much more depth to the character, as up until that point most of his character was made up from his experiences during the serial and not before it.

I am very much looking forward to reading more of Kal's adventures very soon!