Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Indie-Credible: Crimson Midnight by Amos Cassidy

Book 1 of the Crimson Series. I received a copy of Crimson Midnight in exchange for my honest review as part of the Indie-Credible blog event.

Think you know London? Think again! When Rose moves to London, along with her best friend Faye, she expects adventures in the form of a new job, new friends and a new life. What she doesn't expect is to fall in love with a hunky werewolf, become best friends with a vampire and become part of the mystery surrounding missing supernaturals, which is what she actually gets! But the missing in action supernaturals are a part of a bigger plot, that is far more dangerous than anything Rose or her friends could have imagined, meaning that they will all have to work together in order to survive.

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No, no no! It can't end there! I know I read a lot, and that I read quick, but it is a long time since a book as captured me as thoroughly as Crimson Midnight. Normally I have several books on the go, choosing which to read based on the mood I'm in and where I am, but whilst reading Crimson Midnight I didn't read a single page of anything else (and yes I realise that it only took me a day so that's not that long to only read one book but the point still stands, I didn't want to read anything other than Crimson Midnight.)

I feel that I should mention early in my review that Crimson Midnight is not, in any way, suitable for young readers. There is bad language and adult/sexual situations (though they are not pornographic) throughout, and a lot of sex jokes, flirting and innuendo. I didn't have a problem with any of that (and just to cover all the basis I'm 21 so legally an adult!) and in fact, I loved reading the jokes, banter and innuendos between the characters. This was for two reasons, the first is that the characters seem there age and they actually seem so human (I realise the irony in saying this about characters which are for the most part not human), and the second reason is because several of the instances of humour had me laughing aloud (I was on my own so no one looked at me weird thankfully!)

I don't think that I have ever rooted for a pair of fictional characters as much as I did for Rose and Roman. The writing of the interactions and the chemistry between the pair of them was believable and really made you feel their attraction to each other, and their abstinence form each other meant that there were a couple of scenes (particularly one in the finale) which very nearly broke my heart for them.

There is a whole range of relationships that are explored in Crimson Midnight, and I liked the way that the authors didn't skip over the 'less romantic' (in quotations as I think it depends where you stand as to if they are less romantic) kinds of relationship, that many writers (a part from writers of erotic fiction, which this isn't) just ignore. These included the open relationship between werewolf, Roman, and vampire, Thistle, as well as many of the other wolves' one night stands and sexual partners. One relationship that I am hoping to see more of (among others!) is the one between Raven and Brandon. Though they're not in a relationship at the moment, they did have sex, and Brandon really seemed to like Raven, though it could just be Raven's animal magnetism that drew Brandon to him! I just hope to see more of the two of them together!

Something else I liked about Crimson Midnight, was that the focus wasn't just on the love relationships. You also have the intense bonds of the werewolf pack to each other, as well as the budding friendship between Rose and Thistle (the kick ass twosome that that is!). Honestly if there was a female equivalent of the word bromance I would use it to describe the relationship between the two girls!

Speaking of Rose, she is a fantastic heroine. Sexy, confident, kick ass and with a healthy dose of spunk and sarcasm. Of course it didn't come from nowhere and the back story behind Rose makes her even more likable as a character than she already is, because she's had to learn the hard way. She is such a believable and relateable character, and secretly (or even not so secretly) most girls really want to be like Rose!

I still have a lot of questions that need answering, such as; 'What is Rose?' and; 'What happened to Roman?' (I refuse to accept the obvious). That I am desperate to have the answers for. And that will mean that I will definitely be buying and reading the sequel, Crimson Darkness (in fact I did try and buy it today - Saturday by the way - but it hasn't been released yet!)

I feel like I have been gushing a bit in my review, and for that I apologise, but by now I think most people realise that that is inevitable when I read a book that I really, really enjoy. I'm extremely grateful to the hosts of the Indie-Credible Blog Event for introducing me to these two fantastic authors, or else I might never have stumbled across Crimson Midnight. And I am just as grateful to Amos Cassidy for gifting me a copy of their fantastic book!

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