Thursday, 26 September 2013

Book: Tempting Bella by Diana Quincy

I received a copy of Tempting Bella from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

After being forced into a marriage to settle a debt whilst teenagers, Mirabella, also known as Bella, and Sebastian are married. After 6 years of not seeing each other it is time for them to reunite as husband and wife and perform their duties towards one another. But all is not as simple as that. Having felt abandoned for the past 6 years, Bella is holding on to some resentment towards her husband, and Sebastian is carrying around a lot of frustratement, having been faithful to his wife, and therefore celibate for 6 years. What neither party suspects is that an attractive stranger met by chance at the opera is actually their spouse, and even with a certain amount of mistrust there is something between them...

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I started to read Tempting Bella last night in the intention of reading a couple of chapters of a light read before bed. Three and a half hours later (giving me my first real actual timing of how long it takes me to read books of this length) I finished it. The story is a lot more light hearted than I normally read, and it would appear that that is what I wanted last night!

Tempting Bella does contain some situations of a sexually explicit nature, though they are not pornographic and aren't many in number.

As you can probably guess from the read through of Tempting Bella I did last night, I really enjoyed the story behind the book, after all what girl isn't a romantic at heart. Because that is what this story is, romantic. There are two people who are forced into marriage at a young age, and not only do they find love after being a part, but they are naturally attracted to each other before they realise who the other is.

As a main character I really liked Bella, she was ahead of her time. Because of the time period of the book it was possible that could have been meek and obedient, and honestly I think a character like that would have driven me mad. Bella was daring, passionate and emotional, leaving her to make some pretty rash decisions about her dress just to annoy her husband (and her father at one point).

I liked the way that even though she was falling for Sebastian, Bella's trust of him wasn't quite complete, and he had to work to earn it. It just seemed so realistic when the alternative could have been a love at first sight, well not first sight, second sight more accurately.

All in all, a fun, happy romance, classic, simple and elegantly written.