Friday, 20 September 2013

Book: Sworn to Transfer by Terah Edun

I received a copy of Sworn to Transfer from the author in exchange for my review. Sworn to Transfer is the second book in the Courtlight Series, and the sequel to Sworn to Raise

With her powers now unlocked, Ciardris Weathervane is a powerful mage, with very little training and a penchant for getting into trouble, albeit accidentally. Even after foiling several assassination attempts on the Prince Heir, Sebastian, Ciardris still hasn't become his official companion. When her mentor is changed, through no choice of her own, or her mentor, Lady Serena's, to Madame Amber, the head of the Companions Guild, she ends up sent to a forest in an attempt to solve the mystery behind the recent spate of kith deaths. Her journey along the way is filled with her usual adventures, not all of them good, and she ends up with more questions than answers.

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I would highly recommend reading book 1 of the Courtlight series, Sworn to Raise, before reading Sworn to Transfer, as certain things will be much more understandable.

Once more I was super excited to read the sequel to a book that I really enjoyed, and Sworn to Transfer did not disappoint! Though in my mind, it was completely different to the first book, both in tones and events. Ciardris as a character is much more assured in herself, and in her powers, which as you can imagine, makes the impact as her as a character, different.

Though interestingly, as well as her good personality traits becoming more pronounced, her faults do too, particularly when she acts a little vain. She is also incredibly girly compared to other book heroines, and the thought of getting dirty really doesn't sit well, at times I thought this could get a little annoying, but as a whole, it made her ten times more human, which is necessary considering how massively overpowered Ciardris is!

Something I would like to see more of, and I suspect that in the next one there may be more of it, was romance. There were hints of Sebastian and Ciardris starting to think about each other like that, though Ciardris tries to deny it, and other people certainly think that there is something there, so fingers crossed there'll be a bit more of a love interest in the next book! (Which I will be reading without a doubt!)

I love the way that Edun manages to make it so that her characters solve the problem accidentally, you can see how the accidents fall together to create the solution, but at the same time it means that characters don't have to suddenly know something that they had no clue about before. I realise that this way of writing may annoy some readers (though not me!), but its consistency should prevent that.

I really enjoyed Sworn to Transfer and would recommend the Courtlight series to anyone looking for an easy fantasy read, with just a touch of girliness. 

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