Monday, 23 September 2013

Book: A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest

I received a copy of A Shade of Vampire from the author in exchange for my honest review.

It is the night of Sofia's 17th birthday and heartbroken by her best friend, Ben's, rejection, she takes a walk on the beach. Here she is kidnapped and she wakes up to find that the man who kidnapped her is called Lucas and she is intended to become the slave to the vampire Prince of the Shade, Derek. When Derek wakes up, after sleeping for 400 years, he is instantly drawn to Sofia, and she is to him. But Sofia will do almost anything to stop herself falling for the vampire, which isn't helped by his protectiveness of her after his brother, Lucas, attacks her.

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It is worth mentioning that there are quite a few of the stereotypes of the modern vampire story in A Shade of Vampire. Beautiful human girl with delicious smelling blood. Handsome Vampire who struggles with what he is. Love. And yet I really, really enjoyed A Shade of Vampire (despite my aversion to anything remotely like Twilight) and since picking it up, I refused to put it down until I had finished it (helped that I was reading a pdf version on my phone so I didn't have to!).

To me it felt like A Shade of Vampire was longer than what it was, in a good way I assure you! What I mean by that is that A Shade of Vampire felt a lot more developed, with a lot fuller story than many other books and stories of a similar length, and I like having something that I can sink my teeth into (really bad pun relating to vampires and biting was completely unintentional I promise!).

I'll be honest, I was completely rooting for Sofia and Derek to get together and be happy, almost embarrassingly so! The characters that Forrest created just fit each other so perfectly, and yet they weren't perfect as characters, proving that she knows her craft. I must say that I breathed a sigh of relief when I got to the end and realised that there was no love triangle as all (though as this is only book 1 so it is early days yet!) which is honestly quite refreshing.

As the first part of a series I felt that A Shade of Vampire has a lot to offer as it is a complete story in itself, and yet there still feels to be a lot that can be expanded on. For example, I really want to know what will happen between Derek and Lucas! One of the other, major, things that I want to learn more about is the myths and prophecies surrounding Derek and the Shade. There is enough about it to whet the appetite but little enough for me to be desperate to know more!

I particularly liked that the point of view changed between Derek and Sofia (and it changed clearly), meaning that you often found out two different viewpoints of the same situation or event, and you didn't have to keep guessing about what the other character was thinking. It was very refreshing to have both a male and female perspective for a change.

Also, superficially, what a beautiful cover! And it even fits in with the story! I'd recommend A Shade of Vampire, its an easy, quick read with a few differences from 'normal' vampire fiction.