Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Book: In Full Circle by Liam Connolly


David is fifteen and learning of his magical abilities for the first time but they come at a price. He and his friends have been charged with killing off humanity so that magicians can have the Earth for themselves; their destiny foretold thousands of years ago.

They can trust no-one; from their school teacher who knows more than even she realises, to the team hell-bent on experimenting with them, and the great wizard Merlyn with his vampire of a daughter. Even the voice in his head has its own agenda.

Sooner or later, he has to decide where he stands. Sooner or later, he'll have the power to challenge his destiny - but the question isn't does he want to save them, it's should he?

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This has been a very different type of read to the books I tend to read, not the genre that is, the genre is actually very similar to my normal taste in books, more that there aren't many people in the world that will be able to read this book like I can. You see, I have known the author of In Full Circle for 10 years, poor him I know! And because some of the characters and settings are based on real people and real places (but not real actions) it took away the need for the use of my imagination. It was also interesting to recognise things that had influenced parts of the story, I'm not talking about big things, just little details that wouldn't really be that obvious to me otherwise.

At first it was slightly odd that I was reading about characters based on close friends, particularly when they did or said something and they reminded me a lot of the real people, and add to that how accurately Liam actually portrayed some people's personality traits, and it was quite spooky! But because the characters are based on real people, the relationships between them come across as real relationships (or at least they do to me, not sure about to people who don't know us!) There were several times where I ended up laughing to myself because of references to real jokes, and real strife between characters.

The only thing I kind of struggled with with the characters was remembering that they were only 15, but I think that probably comes back to seeing quite a few of the real people in July, and us all being 15 was 6 years ago (scary I know!). Saying that there are moments when the characters did act 15, and even I picked up on those! So I think it is just because I have an 'inside' view on the characters.

Also, I think that the storyline of In Full Circle is probably the most exciting thing to ever happen to our school (and the tiny city it is in), though because of the old buildings and the warreness of it all, it made a good setting for a story such as this.

There's no shortage of action in In Full Circle, in fact, I think that it is a well balanced story, containing the right level of elements other than magic and action to let it appeal to a wide audience. And I must say that there were a couple of things that really surprised me whilst I was reading (I'll have to leave you guessing as to what those are though, don't want to give too much away!)

I really enjoyed In Full Circle, and looking at it as objectively as I can, I think any fan of fantasy would enjoy it. So, here ends the most biased review I have ever written, have I earned that cup of tea yet? ;)