Thursday, 19 September 2013

Book: Crimson Darkness by Amos Cassidy

I received a copy of Crimson Darkness, book 2 in the Crimson Series and sequel to Crimson Midnight, from the authors, because they are awesome!

Picking up after the events of Crimson Midnight, London has been plunged into darkness due to a rift that was caused by the release of the Fey power. With the majority of the human residents evacuated, it is down to the supernatural community to save the city, but the shields they have put in place can only last so long and the clock is ticking. Having been unconscious for a month, Rose wakes up to find the city she knew in ruins, and to say she is mad would be an understatement. Finally knowing what she is, and the important role which she has to play, Rose joins again with her friends to help save the world, though she also has to battle some personal demons, including the truth about her mother, and her feelings for Roman, and what that means for her.

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There are so many emotions going on in my head right now about this book that I have no idea what to actually process first, I even did something I never do to try and help, which is to write another review before reviewing Crimson Darkness, and I tell you what, it hasn't really helped! This book was over too soon!

First I'm gonna deal with Roman. ROMAN! At first I felt relieved (anyone who has read Crimson Midnight will understand why) and then I just wanted to yell at him! It isn't often that I get angry at fictional characters, in fact I'm not sure I've ever felt as angry at a fictional character as I did towards Roman after what he put poor Rose through. And yet a large part of me still wants him and Rose together, they are way too adorable together! But still: Angry face!

I may be angry at Roman as a character, but the fact that I am able to get angry at him says a lot about the strength of character that Amos and Cassidy create, if their characters weren't believable and weren't human (in thought if not in deed) then I wouldn't feel so strongly about them. And as I say all the time in reviews, I like nothing better than well created and realistic characters.

In Crimson Darkness Rose finally finds out what she is, not that anyone other than the Guardians have any idea what that actually is, in fact Rose finds out a lot about herself in Crimson Darkness, in an even bigger way than when she found out she was a supernatural in the previous book! Once again she coped with all her challenges in the Rose way, that way being feeling rubbish inside but on the outside being one tough cookie and just pushing through. The girl has guts, and lots of em, just the kind of lead female character that I like.

Thistle seems to have had more to do in this book than in the last one, but maybe that was because in the last one she wasn't revealed to be a vampire until later on, whereas in this book it is known from the off. Other than the general challenges that everyone seems to be facing, Thistle's main challenge has been that against her view on love, which Gabriel seems to be intent on changing (and personally I think he is having some affect on them!). Honestly I get quite excited by the idea that Thistle might fall in love, again this is going back to me caring about the characters because of how well they are written. The way that Gabriel was portrayed has changed slightly too, he was much less in your face than he was in Crimson Midnight, but maybe that is because of getting to know his character more, or because Thistle is seeing him differently.

As to the rest of the wolves, Kris and Damon really take a back seat, they turn up every now and again but are in no way as central to the plot as they were in Crimson Midnight, same goes for Harold really, his only real purpose was to show how vindictive, possessive and crazy Faye was, and for use as leverage against the pack. The main focus for the wolf pack was on Raven, and the new wolf, who develop an attraction towards each other. I had hoped to see more of a Raven and Brandon relationship, but the relationship Raven develops instead was just as interesting to read, and I was genuinely happy with the outcome of it!

The ending though, what an ending! I said at the beginning of my review that the book ended too soon, and I am pretty sure that I said that about Crimson Midnight too. The ending was brilliant, but has still left me with a lot of questions, some of them the same as at the end of the previous book, but in different situations. Like; what will happen to Rose, or Roman, or Ossain? When will Faye get got? Just in general, what will happen next!!!!