Sunday, 25 August 2013

Interview with D.W. Carver

Laura (aka trips down imagination road)'s Intro: 
I would like to welcome author D.W. Carver to my blog, and say a big thank you for agreeing to be interviewed by me! D.W. Carver is the author of the Jill Garvin series of books (Bloody Angel, Blood Harvest and The Memory Game), as well as Nightmares and Other Therapy and the subject of today's interview, Desperation. 

D.W. Carver's intro: 
Back in the day I was a mental health community counsellor and met a lot of unhappy (and a few very scary) people. Part of my job was writing self-help books, sometimes for clients who didn't read from choice. Field testing these was a great apprenticeship for novel writing. My novel, Desperation, isn't based on anyone I know.  It is about people having to reinvent themselves after terrible early childhood learning.

What inspired you to write Desperation?

I met a lot of 'broken' people during my time as a community counsellor, many suffering from the effects of bad or plain awful parenting. I wanted to write about two young women who were reinventing themselves.

Which was your favourite character to create and why?

Vickie I think. her mood and personaltiy swings were fascinating to write about.

Do you have any writing rituals or habits?

I tell myself I'm going to sit and think through a plot but then I just sit down at the keyboard, start typing and let it come. The plot twists often surprise me.

What is your reading guilty pleasure?

My sons have a lot of tiny books of quotes and jokes  they received as presents. I'll sometimes sit and read through them

What is the most memorable book from your childhood?

Mister Galliano'ss Circus. I have no memory of the contents but I used to
sit and read it when I was sad.

(Note from Laura: Mister Galliano's Circus is a children's book written by Enid Blyton. The artwork for the first edition is to the right).

What do you think makes a good book?

Very hard to say. I read a good many authors who get their names above the title and often come away disappointed. I suppose good plots and decent writing is the main thing for me. Sometimes I itch to edit bestsellers.

What fictional characters would you invite to a dinner party and why?

Mister Galliano I think, just to find out again why he made me feel so safe.

Book Blurb (from amazon UK)

Kate thought that once her mother died, the pain she had caused would end. Then she discovered that a letter had been sent to a prominent television presenter on her mother’s orders taunting him with the fact that Kate now held photographs which would ruin him and probably lead to his arrest. Suddenly Kate is running for her life. She seeks help from Rob, a much older man whom she has only known for a very short time.

While at his London apartment, she rescues a teenage girl, Vickie, from a street pimp and over the following days finds a bond growing between them that feels like a lot more than friendship; but with both their lives now in danger there is no time for thoughts of anything but escape and survival.

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