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Book Tour: Keeper of Reign by Emma Right

I received a copy of Keeper of Reign in exchange for my review as a part of this blog tour. Jules Blaze is an Elfie, a race that is across between fairies and elves, and who were entrusted with five books, and the gift, from the King long ago. But upon the loss of the book, all Elfies were cursed to become
smaller than they once were, meaning that small items of nature, like squirrels and acorns, can pose lethal threats to them. Add to this that Gezhurolle is searching out the five keeper families and their books in order to cement his rule over them, and the destruction of their race, and the dangers are multiplied. As the oldest son of a Keeper, Jules himself will have to take over that role, but there are mysteries about his family that need answering, such as why there are five children when all Keepers are restricted by the curse to one child. With his mother missing, Jules and his four siblings, Ralston, Bithe, Tst Tst and Tippy, as well as his neighbour Holden, cross into hostile Handover to try and find their kidnapped parents and some answers to questions they didn't even know they had.

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Keeper of Reign is an action packed coming of age story with a fantasy setting. Or at least that is the best way I can think of describing it! If you are after a fantasy read with the minimum casualties and lots of adventure, then this is definitely the book for you! Jules and his friends (and siblings) are incrediably lucky on their quests, running into friends and finding each other just as the going gets tough, which means that really you always know that the characters are going to be fine. If I was in the mood to read a gritty fantasy then I think that this book would annoy me, though thankfully that hasn't been the mood I've been in in the past 24 hours when I read this book. In fact, in that time I think this book is exactly what I wanted to read. I kept turning the pages and not wanting to put it down, even to make a cup of tea!

One thing that I did find it difficult to get my head round, i.e. lets get the tiniest negative, and the only one that I can come up with, out of the way first, was the ages of the characters. See! Told you it wasn't actually a massive deal! At the beginning of the book Right provides a run down of the characters and their ages and how they are related etc, and once the story got going I struggled to think of the characters as those ages, particularly the Blaze sisters who are 10 and younger, I just felt that they were a lot older.

However the idea of an introduction to the characters is a brilliant one, it allowed Right to jump right into the story without actually having to get bogged down in the little details about each person that was introduced, though I will admit to being slightly confused about who Erin was up until that was explained!

I really, really, liked the way that the 'bad guy' in Keeper of Reign wasn't seen at all, he was the mastermind behind everything but wasn't actually present, I think that that added a sense of mystery to that side of the river, and makes you want to know more about him and how Jules and co are planning on defeating him in following books, because I have no doubt that that is what will happen! In fact there are quite a few characters in Keeper of Reign that are talked about more than seen, which adds an interesting level to the book and makes it quite unique.

I really enjoyed Keeper of Reign, its the kind of book to pick up if you're wanting a non-gritty, innocent and fun fantasy, were there is no romance (though there is the hint of one!) and just a heap of friendship and adventure!

Keeper of the Reign

Books written in blood. Most are lost, their Keepers with them. A curse that befell a people. A Kingdom with no King. Life couldn’t get more harrowing for the Elfies, a blend of Elves and Fairies. Or for sixteen-year-old Jules Blaze. Or could it? For Jules, the heir of a Keeper, no less, suspects his family hides a forgotten secret. It was bad enough that his people, the Elfies of Reign, triggered a curse which reduced the entire inhabitants to a mere inch centuries ago. All because of one Keeper who failed his purpose. Even the King’s Ancient Books, did not help ward off that anathema. Now, Gehzurolle, the evil lord, and his armies of Scorpents, seem bent on destroying Jules and his family. Why? Gehzurolle’s agents hunt for Jules as he journeys into enemy land to find the truth. Truth that could save him and his family, and possibly even reverse the age-long curse. Provided Jules doesn't get himself killed first.

About Emma:

Emma Right is a happy wife and homeschool mother of five living in the Pacific West Coast of the USA. Besides running a busy home, and looking after their five pets, which includes two cats, two bunnies and a Long-haired dachshund, she also writes stories for her children. She loves reading, and when she doesn't have her nose in a book, she is telling her kids to get theirs in one. Right worked as a copywriter for two major advertising agencies and won several awards, including the prestigious Clio Award for her ads, before children came along.

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