Monday, 12 August 2013

Book: Banished by Tamara Gill

Book 1 of Daughters of the Gods.

Chloe is a goddess, and the daughter of one of the most powerful Gods ever known, Zeus, but she fell in love with a druid called Cian, and after keeping him alive and youthful for centuries, Zeus finds out and curses the pair of them. Cian becomes immortal for good, whilst Chloe is cursed to be born and die, each century, not knowing what the missing link to her happiness is. In modern day Scotland, whilst on a holiday with her fiance, Chloe runs into Cian, and after feelings start arising that she can't explain, there is a chance that she could regain her memories and break the curse.

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 I was a little skeptical of Banished at first as one of the genres that it was filed under was erotica, but I'm glad I gave it a go. Yes there is sex, and yes it is described in detail, but it isn't every other page and there is a definite story line that is more important than it. Plus, you can't really have a centuries long romance without sex, that would just be odd! So to start I would say, this is a mature book but if you're not a fan of erotica then don't be put off, give it a go and I think you'll be surprised!

The way that Zeus punishes Chloe seems to really fit in with the stories of Greek mythology, his vengeful nature and kind of evil streak, as soon as the God of the Gods is mentioned to anyone there is quaking in their boots. I think that in cases like this it is right that the Gods should fit with their ancient descriptions, otherwise the author would lose all integrity when it came to their writing.

Similarly there are many other characters from mythology from the past, not just Gods, and actually I am interested to see what other characters will be introduced in the coming books, and interested to see whether it is just limited to Greek mythology, or whether other ancient Gods will come into play.

The relationship between Chloe and Cian was really well written, you could almost feel the chemistry between them (even when they weren't having sex, which was most of the time), and it really did feel like a case of love lasting forever.

Chloe's realisation of who she was seemed to happen quite quickly once it started, though I don't think this is a bad thing as I imagine that it is a bit of a flood gate situation, once she remembers one thing she remembers a lot more. Up until the point where she returns to being a Goddess, there isn't that much too her, I didn't feel the relationship between her and her fiance at all, in fact Eddy was probably less two dimensional than a two dimensional character, though ultimately that wasn't important. In fact it was probably necessary in order to demonstrate the difference between Chloe's human love and her immortal love.

I'd say that Banished is definitely worth a go, don't be put off by the sex, its a great read and a good story!