Wednesday, 3 July 2013

TV: Game of Thrones Season 3

There may be spoilers for all 3 seasons (all episodes) and all of the books, up to and including A Dance with Dragons. This 'review' is set up in headings and bullet points because I was updating it while I was watching (so quite often you'll find random thoughts and reactions.) To make things even clearer, I was expecting and prepared for the Red Wedding in episode 9.

Things I think they did well
  • Creepy Ramsay Bolton and Theon moments (they did this well, horrible and uncomfortable to watch but they did it well. Ramsay is creepy as!) 
  • The Brienne-Jaime partnership, I really believe this! 
  • Jon and Ygritte, like seriously cute! The cave scene was a little uncomfortable but it was faithful I guess!
  • Ygritte in general, she is one sassy lady! I think I like her more in the TV show than in the book
  • Margaery playing Joffrey is brilliant! 
  • The Bear and the Maiden Fair scene (yes you know the one) perfect, absolutely perfect!
  • Though I don't like the character of Tulisa the chemistry between her and Robb is good, they chose the right actors
  • Daario. I don't really like the character but I think they got the casting right. 
  • The Mhysa scene (yes the one with Yunkai, though not sure I quite understand the crowd surfing)
  • Controversial I know, but I really enjoyed the Sansa-Tyrion friendship that was going on in episode 10 (don't get me wrong I'm NOT turning into a Sansa-Tyrion shipper though! I just thought it was very true to the characters)
  • I liked the Jaime and Cersei reunion too,  it was different from the book but it still fit. 
  • Asha's...sorry Yara's...protectiveness of Theon, cute though not sure how his you-know-what brought on that!
  • I'm likeing the Arya-Hound interactions more than I did in the book
  • The Davos-Shireen partnership 
Major issues I had with the season
  • I know I mentioned it for season 2 but Talisa. I have a major issue with the character (the acting's good but the character detracts from Robb.)
  • Melisandre turning up at the Brotherhood without banners camp, and met Arya! (SPOILER: She can't meet Arya or how will she get her and Alys Karstark mixed up when talking to Jon Snow in aDwD)
  • Why was Gendry dragged away?
  • Missandre is a grown woman, she's supposed to be like 8!
  • There's no fat Belwas :(
  • Sansa and Loras were never even secretly engaged and Loras is NOT the heir to Highgarden (so much rage on this one) 
  • I swear Loras was already added to the Kingsguard after the battle at Brightwater even in season   but apparently not. 
  • Tormund Giantsbane shouldn't have climbed the wall
  • There's no Val (actually really sad about this one, I love Val!) or Dalla for that matter
  • The whole Shae thing is getting a bit old now 
  • Missing bloody murmers
  • As much as I like Natalie Dormier, Margaery is too old.
  • Meera and Jojen don't sound northern enough (all the other northerners sound northern!), also I really struggle to see Jojen as anyone but the kid from Love Actually
  • Orell is still alive, I just can't work this one out
  • Where are Myrcella and Tommen?
  • No Edric Storm
  • Rickon appears to have completely disappeared with no adult supervision 
  • Still annoys me that Jojen and Meera showed up so late
  • What was with the Yunkai and Meeren swap???
  • Cersei realises what a royal pain in the backside Joffrey really is...sorry when did this happen? And why are you trying to make Cersei more likeable???
  • Already said this one, but for episode 10: what is going on with Shae eurgh
  • Said this one too: Orell...WHY??? Least Jon got him this time! 
  • Why was Asha...sorry I mean the Iron Isles???
Minor things that annoy me because there was no reason to change them
  • Daario should be from the Stormcrows not the Second Sons 
  • Peace flags are supposed to have the rainbow colours of the Seven on rather than white.
  • None of the Tully's are red heads (this goes for the Stark boys too)
  • Samwell should have known that the dragonglass was a knife
  • Gilly's baby being named 
  • Davos only having one (dead) son, what happened to the other 6 or so???
Other Comments
  • jfiushgfiesuhfoiesdhfdoiehfoieh watching episode 7 I think there may just have been confirmation of the Jeyne-Westerling-is-Preggers theory (then watching episode 9...maybe not.)
  • HAHAHAHA Sansa and Margaery girl talk about Tyrion, I think I just found my favourite scene
  • I'm pretty sure Dany went from show Dany to book Dany in one episode. I started liking her story arc again from episode 7
  • Weird Theon-threesome scene...
  • episode 8: Samwell and Gilly are being cute! I found it kind of uncomfortable in the books but they're being cute in the show! 
  • Episode 9: They remembered who Rickon is! And the Direwolves reappeared/
  • ep. 9 was a violent one
  • the major plot point of ep. 9 was blindingly obvious from the title (and from the outrage on facebook)
  • I was expecting the Red Wedding but that was, gruesome, and quite disturbing. and really upsetting. 
  • Also was it just me that thought that the fake blood looked way too fake.
  • Looks like there's some confirmation of the Theon-lost-his-you-know-what going on
  • The scene at the start of ep. 10 where Arya sees Robb was actually heartbreaking.