Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Book: Trinity by Elena Carpenter

I was given a copy of Trinity by the author in exchange for my review (thank you Elena!)

Liz is a normal teenage girl, she spends time with her best friend, Sara, and has a massive crush on her friend, Jared. But being a normal girl changes suddenly when, whilst on a hike, Liz, Sara, Jared, and Sara's boyfriend, Danny, witness events that confirm local legends about two rival immortal clans, the Ogres and the Corzos, are actually real. Liz then meets Lenzo, and she starts to fall in love with him, but she loves Jared...but as a back drop to this massive decision, everybody's lives are in danger, which just makes it more complicated!

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This book leaves one hell of a cliff hanger! I'm going to be wondering about what happens next until book 2, Horizon, comes out! This was well balanced with leaving a happy ending, so despite the unresolved 'bad guy' issues, it has left me with a sense of a completed story arc (well for 1 book, not for overall!).

It is probably best to be warned about the love triangle, it is a pretty major part of the storyline, and centres around the (main) narrator, Liz. In the red corner we have Jared, old friend and human, while in the blue corner we have Lenzo, an immortal and member of the Corzo clan. I think that it was fairly obvious from early on which way Liz would eventually go, though she does take her time about it! And as a warning, in case you don't enjoy that kind of thing, there is a lot of description of kissing and other physical activities (though there are no explicit scenes), I don't mind descriptions of this nature, and a teenage relationship without those parts would be hard to believe on my part. There were a few moments where I was shocked by what Liz was doing in public though, but I guess some people do that!

I loved the creatures that Elena creates in her story (Aurora is my absolute favourate, I'm pretty sure I started smiling every time she was around! I just imagine her being really fluffy feeling like my puppy!) A lot of thought has clearly been put into their creation, and I'm excited to see them develop in the next book!

As a narrator, Liz is much more of a girly girl than I'm used to reading about, though I don't mean that she is the whinge pathetic type, she's just more focused on boys and looking good than I'm used to! I say this, but Liz being written like that didn't actually put me off, it was just different. I liked the relationship between Liz and her Mum and the way that that was written, as it seemed to be a real teenage-daughter and widowed-mother relationship; Liz's Mum is overprotective and Liz likes to rebel in small ways!

Something I absolutely loved about the book was the use of poems before the majority of the chapters! They were written by the author, and it really shows the versatility of her writing style, that she can craft poetry and write prose. The poems were always linked to the stories and to Lizzy's feelings and emotions, and almost could be crafted into an overview of the story.

One thing that I struggled with until I got used to it was the somewhat random shifts in perspective. The shifts fit with the story, but there was no announcement or even change of chapter, for the third person narrative of other characters interupting Liz's inner monologue. This was even the case when Liz had no possible way of knowing what was going on!

I enjoyed this book and am intrigued and excited to find out what book 2 brings!