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Book Tour & Giveaway: WarpWorld by Kristene Perron and Joshua Simpson

WarpWorld follows the stories of Ama and Seg, two very different characters from completely different worlds, but both massively independent and wanting to prove something to the outside world. Seg is on his first mission to another world to collect vita, the substance that helps keep 'the Storm', which threatens his world at bay, whereas Ama is a boat captain, and a member of a repressed people called the Kenda. Little does either realise that in the other they will have met their match, and discover in each other something worth fighting for. Not only has Seg run a controversial and unorthodox mission, but he has done something that no theorist is ever supposed to do, he has started to care about the world, he acts towards liberating the
Kenda people, and is spurred on by his feelings for one Kenda woman in particular...

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Wow! That is my initial reaction! I agreed to do the blog tour for WarpWorld because I thought the plot sounded interesting and it was a different kind of book than I'm used to. I thought I might like it, but how wrong was I! Like isn't a strong enough word, I loved this book! There were so many elements to it that were woven together to create such a strong novel that I'm excited for the series to continue!

The way that Perron and Simpson wove the worlds together was incredible, it was almost like reading two different stories that were woven together but fit perfectly. On the one hand you had Seg's world, which is probably what you would consider to be 'pure' science fiction, there was advanced technology, society and science, but there was rigidly controlled people and ideals, and a big threat that was controlled by science. Then you have Ama's world, where it seemed more like a fantasy world. There were different species of animals, the humans were different, the technology was simpler. There was a definite sense of a rich world having been created.

The authors didn't shy away from the awkward or uncomfortable parts of conquering either, they accepted that people would die, there was an emphasis on the capture of natives for use as slaves (or caj in Seg's world), that some people were repressed (mainly the Welf and Kenda in Ama's world), the fighting, the rebellion, the list goes on. None of the characters were really black or white either, with the possible exception of Dagga who seemed pretty twisted. All of them did bad things to get what they want, and not many of them seemed to care about the consequences very much.

The main characters of Seg and Ama were well created individuals, and complimented each other perfectly, though it was somewhat obvious that they would develop feelings for one another, this is forgiven simply as the authors didn't forget the love story, which is something I had always been wary of in science fiction (secretly I'm a romantic at heart and couldn't bare to read a book without one! But don't tell anyone!). Saying that the ending, which does have relevance to the love story, actually kept me guessing until the very last page, which is somewhat unusual for me I must guess! Which made WarpWorld a refreshing read! 

The novel is fast paced, there is the right combination of good writing, suspense, love story, action and description, creating detailed new worlds and characters which are a pleasure to read and will keep you turning the page! Well worth a read, whatever genres you enjoy!

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Warpworld Book Summary:
How far would you go…

On his first crossing through the warps, Seg discovers a world rich in vita – fuel to save his dying world. Cold, brilliant and desperate to prove himself as a Cultural Theorist, Seg breaks away from the recon squad sent to protect him, to scout out prime vita sources. But to find his prize he must face his biggest fear: water.

Fiery and headstrong, Ama receives an ultimatum from her people’s tyrannical overlords: betray her own kind or give up the boat she calls home, forever.  When a wealthy traveler hires her as a guide, Ama thinks her prayers are answered – until a violent murder reveals Seg’s true identity.

On the run, over land and water, hunted by a ruthless and relentless tracker, and caught in the schemes of a political powerhouse, Seg and Ama will have to strike an uneasy truce to survive.

The fate of two worlds is in their hands.
Kristene Perron's Bio
Kristene is a former professional stunt performer for film and television 
(as Kristene Kenward) and self-described ‘fishing goddess’. Pathologically nomadic, she has lived in Japan, Costa Rica, the Cook Islands, and a very tiny key in the Bahamas, just to name a few. Her stories have appeared in Denizens of Darkness, Canadian Storyteller Magazine, The Barbaric Yawp and Hemispheres Magazine. In 2010 she won the Surrey International Writers’ Conference Storyteller Award. 

Kristene is a member of SF Canada. Her novel, Warpworld, is the first in a five book adventure science fiction series, penned with her Texan co-writer, Joshua Simpson.

She currently resides in Nelson, BC, Canada but her suitcase is always packed.

Joshua Simpson's Bio:
A career nomad, Josh Simpson has driven trucks through the lower forty-eight states, treated and and

disposed of hazardous waste, mixed mud as a stonemasonry laborer, failed abysmally in marketing, gotten on people's nerves as a safety man, and presently gets on their nerves even more using nerve release techniques in musculo-skeletal pain relief.

He lives amidst the scrub and mesquite of West Texas, cohabiting with the requisite writer's minimum of two cats. Warpworld is his first published novel.

Formats: ebook and paperback
Paperback Price: $17.99
eBook Price: $7.99
Pages: 504
Publisher: Mint Publishers, Inc.
Release: October 2012

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