Monday, 22 July 2013

Book Tour & Giveaway: Indigo Incite by Jacinda Buchmann

I received a copy of Indigo Incite from the author in exchange for my review and blog tour stop.

Indigo children are becoming more and more commonplace, they are children that have telepathic skills that vary from child to child, and they can form bonds between each other, as well as do things such as heal, speak telepathically with other Indigo children, read minds, open locks, read auras and influence emotions. Toby and Tyler are identical Indigo twins, and when Toby is kidnapped, Tyler will do anything to get him back. Cue a trip round the US to pick up other Indigo children in danger of being kidnapped. Tyler meets up with Eddie, a science major, Liliana the granddaughter of Chinese immigrants, Sarah, the pregnant wife of a man on an overseas tour, and Grace, a talented musician. Between them they have to keep safe and one step ahead of the I.I.A (the Indigo Intellegence Agency, an off shoot of the C.I.A), and come up with a plan to save Toby and the other kidnapped Indigo children who are being held in the secret compound.

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Fast paced, different and intriguing. That is how I would sum up Indigo Incite. The author has clearly managed to capture how young adults and teenagers think, which is particularly clear in Eddie's girl dilemmas, and the fact that there is a balance between the attraction some of the characters feel for one another and their awkwardness at doing anything about it, see Grace, see Sarah, see Eddie...the list goes on.

I think that my favourite relationship between characters would be Tyler and Liliana, they had such a great thing going, and as soon as they met I was enjoying the banter that was going on in their telepathic conversations. It was also quite funny how their attempts at a first kiss were constantly interrupted and they had no chance to actually be alone! Toby and Rebekah's relationship was similarly funny, though in my opinion didn't actually hold up to be quite as good as Liliana and Tyler's.

I thought that there was surprisingly little character development, their main traits were their main traits the whole way through. What surprised me even more was the fact that this didn't bother me in the slightest. The focus of this novel was on the suspense and the drama, the characters were good and fit in right, so they didn't really need to grow. Also this is probably due to the fact that the novel isn't set over a long period of time, it is only a couple of days, so if the sequel concentrates on the same characters then I think that that is where the growing and the development will be more obvious.

I liked the way that the author didn't restrict the characters to one age, and made it so they were all friends, and stayed friends, despite the fact that there is a 4 year age gap between the youngest and the oldest. To me that seemed real, people do have friends from a range of ages, so why shouldn't characters in books!

As I mentioned above the main focus of the novel was on the suspense, which the author has masterfully created so that right up until the last chapter you keep turning the pages to find out what has happened. This is added to her interpretation of the Indigo traits, which rely on the theory that a part of the brain isn't utilised by humans and what that part can do. I thought that to my mind, which isn't particularly scientific (hence the book reviews!), the science seemed to make sense and actually be kind of plausible, which is one of the things that I look for in novels set in the modern day (and that is why I read a lot of fiction set in the future, past or past based worlds!).

I would definitely recommend Indigo Incite, it is an intriguing concept, with good characters and a good amount of suspense to keep you reading!

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