Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Book: 101 Secrets for Your Twenties by Paul Angone

I received a copy of 101 Secrets for Your Twenties from Story Cartel. 

Based on his smash hit blog post, 21 Secrets for Your Twenties, Paul Angone has written a concise, light and entertaining list of 'secrets' for surviving your twenties. 

The blurb says: Every twenty-something needs a little black book of secrets. Our twenties are filled with confusion, terrible jobs, anticipation, disappointment, cubicles, break-ups, transition, quarter-life crisis, loneliness, post-college what the heck, moderate success sandwiched in-between complete failure, and we need a worn, weathered guide stashed somewhere close by to help shed some light on this defining decade.

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I'm a twenty-something...well I am just (if we're being pedantic then by the time this review posts I will have been a twenty-something - 21 to be precise - for about a month and a half), and as mentioned in his introduction to the book I have many questions, such as 'what am I doing with my life', 'what do I want to do with my life', 'when will I meet the one', 'when am I me', 'who am I' etc. Questions that everyone has in their lives, particularly when they're just transitioning into adult life. I haven't even finished Uni yet and I'm asking these questions (one more year and my questioning will become more frantic I'm sure!) 

I wanted to read 101 Secrets for Your Twenties because I was interested to see what it was all about, and am I glad that I read it! I suppose you could classify it as a self-help book, but it isn't quite that, its funny, concise and relevant. Angone tells stories and anecdotes that you can relate to (even if you're over twenty-something!) and he tells it in a way that will have you laughing out loud! 

The one issue I could see people having with 101 Secrets for Your Twenties is that a lot of Angone's anecdotes and stories are somewhat centred around God. For me this isn't an issue, even if I didn't believe in God, I could accept that other people do and that for some people it helps them through situations and they do turn to a higher power. On top of this, it isn't the conversion type of talking about God, it is mentioning him in places where it would have happened in real life. But I can also understand how for some people this could put them off the book. 

All in all, a funny look at being twenty something and a book that I will take more away from than a few funny quotes! Well worth the read!