Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Book: Talk to the Snail by Stephen Clarke

 Talk to the Snail is another satirical look at the French by author Stephen Clarke, an expat in Paris. The thing I like about his books is that I can relate to what he is saying, having lived in Paris I have had the experiences he described and as I am reading I think 'that is exactly what the French are like'.

This book is a must read for anyone moving to France, and if you're just going on holiday there I suggest you read it to! Clarke takes a light and humourous approach to his writing and that means that his books are easy to read, informative and educational, and avoiding the trap of being too heavy. He clearly knows what he is on about, and the narrative includes examples from every day life.

It was different to his other books in the way that this is just about the French people, rather than the history or Paris. It does mean that you aren't repeating what you are reading in the other books. 

I just wish this book had been longer!