Friday, 7 June 2013

Book: No Shelter by T S Welti

Book 1 of the No Shelter Trilogy.

Nada lives in the post-apocalyptic United States, where the population and civilisation has been wiped out by a series of natural disasters. She, her friend Issac, as well as Mary and Eva have been living in a cave, working together to live, and to save up enough water to trade for the other things that they need. Then Deadric comes along, he saves Issac, and wants the help of Nada's tribe to save his sister, turning all of the tribes lives upside down.

Saying this is an easy read seems to be a bit of an oxymoron concerning dystopian or post-apocalyptic fiction, though it is true, this book is really easy to read. The plot is simple, there is only one real line of story, though this is clear, believable within the setting, and leaves it open for there to be more plot development in the next two instalments in the series (which are already on my wish list for when I get time to read them!)

At first the characters also seem a bit simple and one dimensional, though as the story progressed I felt that they gained more depth, though a lot of that was only hinted at, and as with the plot line I can see plenty of room for the development in the next books. Plus I really want to know what Issac did and whether or not Vic was lying!

The title of the novella on amazon said that it was a post-apocalyptic love story, now I can see that there is a definite love story in it, and that there is the, some what traditional, love triangle falling, but personally I wouldn't say that there was any more of a love story than for any other dystopian book. I'm not saying this as a criticism, there is nothing wrong with the amount of romance in the book, and thankfully it isn't of the soppy love at first sight kind either, in fact I would say that the author has got the perfect balance between the love relationships and the action, there's nothing worse than one dimensional romance or action without the rest of the world!

I'd say this would be perfect for anyone wanting to get into, or just to try the dystopian genre without getting bogged down in some of the heavier novels out there, or for anyone who likes the genre and just wants a quick and light read. And I am very interested to see where the author is going to take this story!