Thursday, 6 June 2013

Book: Fifty Shades of Lady Mary Grey; More Sex Scandals That Shook the Tudor Court by T S Wiseman

This is the sequel to Fifty Shades of Lady Catherine Grey, also by T S Wiseman. Included are chapters on; Incestuous Pleasures (Richard III and Elizabeth of York), The least of all the court (Lady Mary Grey), Sorcery and Sex, the great whore and the two Kings (Mary Boleyn), The playwright's love triangle (involving Shakespere), Adultery and Murder (Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley), The noble lady an the prior, and All the King's mistresses (Henry VIII).

The thing I liked about this book, and Fifty Shades of Lady Catherine Grey, was that though it is a non-fiction book about people that really lived, it is based on rumours and makes no issue of the fact. At the beginning of each chapter or story the author writes a scenario that could have happened, though ultimately is a work of fiction, and from there goes on to explain why what has been written has been. The book makes no conclusions about what really happened, leaving you to make your own mind up, yet at the same time it is obvious to discern what the author thinks.

Its very easy to read, because the detail is less important there is less emphasis on it from the author, meaning that the text is light as opposed to heavy going. Though it is worth noting that there is mature content, as the title suggests. Even the title itself is clever (or at least I think so), playing on the, quite frankly, infamous Grey family as well as the popular 'mummy porn' book Fifty Shades of Grey.

I really hope that the author brings out another one! Though I'm not too sure what they could call it considering the only Grey sister left is Jane, and her scandal was of a more treasonous sort!

For anyone even remotely interested in Tudor History, this is a must-read!