Monday, 24 June 2013

Book: Adversarius by M L Chesley

Book One of Shadow of the Rose.

I was given a copy of Adversarius by the author in exchange for an honest review.

The enemy kingdoms of Relavia and Parizdule are nearly to be united, the heir to the Relavian throne, Albassian, and the youngest princess of Parizdule, Kayta, are engaged to be married. But despite the young couple's wishes for peace and unity, the King of Relavia has other ideas, which don't include any thoughts for his sons heart. When a tragedy occurs, leaving the world thinking that Kayta and her brother Hedric are dead, and the King and Queen of Parizdule actually dead, and the only remaining princess of Parizdule with every intention of abdicating, the race is on between the group of people trying to get Kayta home, and the King of Relavia launching his invasion. Yet all the while there are other, larger powers at work, including Rose, whose actions are heavily influenced by his Goddess, and consorts with mythical creatures.

When is the next one out??? I want to read it! This book is engaging and certainly leaves you wanting more. I read a quote that said that any good book was too short, well this book definitely falls into that category! It has the real potential to become an epic series!

Having recently been reading many books with a very limited cast of characters, this was a good bridge between that and those with hundreds. You are introduced to a host of characters, though the story does follow one main bunch, including Katya, the assassin Nightshadow, and Rose. Though the characters weren't as detailed or have the same depth as some of the other books I've read, this was more than made up for in the way that the book was written, it is much more of an action focused book. One thing I did particularly like about the way the characters were written was that there wasn't a huge focus on physical description, and when there was it was more focused on clothing. Though this isn't everyone's cup of tea, I liked the fact that I could create images of the characters in my head rather than have them dictated to me.

I found that the way the author dealt with Kayta and her memory loss was very convincing, she didn't seem to lose her deep down traits, like her spirit, but she also didn't suddenly remember everything like magic. To manage to make a character seem real at the same time as they don't know who they are does take talent, and in this case it works!

As I mentioned above, the book seems to mainly be focused on the action happening in it, the opening scene itself was an action scene and it drew me straight into the story and made me want to continue reading. This makes a massive change from romance being the centre of the story, as with a vast majority of books, and though there were hints at budding romances, they weren't as important as other events.

The magic in the book was very subdued, which is something I like, I don't want wizards or other characters magically changing things with a wave of their hand, it takes away the mystery. The only character that actually does magic while you are reading is Rose, and even his seems limited. Saying this there are also magical creatures, elves and ogres, all of which I want to know more about and think that we will see more of in the next book.

There are very few negative things I can possibly say about this book, one being that there seemed to be a lot of changes between character viewpoints (third person) mid chapter, and I thought that it could possibly have been a bit clearer. Also it took me quite a while to understand the family trees of the royal families. But I feel that neither of those are particularly major issues and shouldn't stop you from reading the book!

I really enjoyed Adversarius and to anyone who enjoys fantasy I think you will too!