Monday, 13 May 2013

Book: Prison Nation by Jenni Merritt

Back to the dystopian stuff I'm afraid, though I do have some other genres lined up to read, promise!

I've thankfully just discovered that there is going to be a second book (called Lady Justice), which is good as I felt that the story has much further to go. Though at the same time if there was no further books I can see how Prison Nation could just be left there.

Something important to note is that the heroine, Millie, isn't your typical 'hate the Nation' type, well to start with. In the Nation, babies born in jail are kept in jail until they turn 18, then they are assessed for parole and released. Obviously the information they are told is very limited and what the Nation wants them to hear, so in essence they are brainwashed perfect citizens. Millie doesn't question the Nation much until people suggest she does, notably Reed and Orrin, but when she does she starts wanting to topple the Nation, this starts about the point that she discovers the truth about her parents.

I guess that looking at the book there are 3 love interests; Jude, Carl and Reed. Reed is the obvious one, it is obvious from the moment they meet that Reed and Millie are going to fall in love and become the, kind of typical, kick ass anti-dystopian rebel couple. Then there is Jude, he's a prison guard, a GF, and one of the only ones that has ever been friendly to Millie. But as is frequently pointed out, Millie is beautiful, I find it difficult to believe that we have heard the last from Jude or that he doesn't want something with Millie. Then we get to Carl. At first I thought Carl was going to be Reed, i.e. Millie's life love and half of the kind of typical, kick ass anti-dystopian rebel couple. It didn't take me long to realise I was wrong, and I didn't actually see the surprise reveal coming about Carl's identity.

The mystery I did solve early on, and certainly before we were told (well Millie was told) was the identity of Orrin's missing younger son. Thankfully I thought that the reveal was sweet rather than cliché, particularly the way that it was revealed, not your normal secret identity reveal! Plus the reveal itself didn't actually change the story, it just neatened up the plot slightly!

It took me a couple of attempts to get started with this book, but I think that was more to do with me and my state of mind rather than the book itself, as once I got into it I certainly enjoyed it, and I will be looking out for the release of Lady Justice to see where Millie 924B's story goes...or should I say the way that Millie Summers' story goes.