Thursday, 16 May 2013

Book: Poison Study by Maria V Snyder

Yelana is saved from execution and given a second chance at life by Valek, as a food taster for Commander Ambrose. As she learns about poisons and other stuff she discovers more about herself and the people that know her, and tries to escape from the dark past that put her in prison in the first place.

I really really enjoyed this book, much more than I thought I would. And Valek, I don't normally tend to like male characters quite as much as I like Valek, but there was something about the way he is written that just makes him seem so genuine, and that really is a sign of good writing. Yelana grew on me, I wasn't into her all that much, she seemed a bit whiny, particularly for a murderer, but as the book got on and she realised things and realised what she was thinking I started to like her. Definatley enjoying the dynamics of team Yelana-Valek (and wouldn't want to be against them or anything!)

The big twist, every novel has one though sometimes they are smaller, and this one I did not expect on any level, took me completely by surprise, though thinking about it there are some clues early on that should have clued me in! Though I don't think that the big twist actually changes anything about the story, it explains why there are no magic users in Ixia, but other than that it isn't actually a big plot point.

One thing I did kind of struggle to figure out was what genre this book fits into, I don't think I fully came up with an answer in my head, I guess fantasy simply by virtue of the fact that magic plays a part in the story, but that seems too broad. For me it just doesn't seem to fit any, which personally I think makes a good book!

All I can think of now is how much of a shame it is that I have a lot of books to get through before I can read the sequel Magic Study!