Friday, 24 May 2013

Book: Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

The Delirium Trilogy Book 2

Following Lena's escape from Portland (sans Alex) she makes it to the Wilds, and is found by a group of Invalids led by Raven. The book then splits into two stories, one past and one present. The past follows Lena as she learns to live in the Wilds and what is expected of her, and the building of her friendships there. The present follows her journey as part of the resistance, where she is watching the son of the president of 'Deliria-Free America'. Little does she know that when she is kidnapped with him that he'll turn out to be more than just a poster boy, and maybe she'll learn more about deliria...

Firstly, I would have thought from looking at the way in which the story pans out it could get confusing, i.e. the switching between then and now, but in fact I didn't find it so at all, it was always really easy to tell which Lena was talking, and because it always switched reliably it made it really easy. I did miss the little quotes from the beginning of each chapter though!

I liked the way that Lena's character progresses. After what happened to Alex it would have been easy for Oliver to have her as a ridiculously love sick girl, but she didn't. Lena wasn't even really in denial, the parts where she was promising herself that Alex would be alive if she did so and so were quickly followed by her saying that she knew it wasn't real, it was just a way of pushing herself. I also like the way that when she was getting closer to Julian there was no massive amount of guilt or thoughts of having to stay faithful to someone who wasn't around at all. It was very real.

Similarly I liked the character of Julian, he had a real depth to him and I enjoyed discovering it as Lena did! And I hate to say it but I liked Julian a lot more than I liked Alex, and I like Lena with Julian more than I liked her with Alex, just a feeling I think.

Now we get to the love triangle. Just like the first book it didn't really exist, Julian and Lena grow to like each other (and it's cute!), and so it is just them. However, the conclusion of the book makes it more than obvious that in the next book Lena is going to have to make some choices, and despite the fact I don't particularly like the love triangle thing, I still have a strong opinion about who she should choose!